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The 6 Secrets Behind the Deliciousness of Bubble Milk Tea

Do you think it’s the tea or the pearls that determine the tastiness of bubble milk tea? Personally, I think both are indispensable! Introduction Bubble milk tea has gained popularity worldwide, becom

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如何挑選 合格的食品貿易商?

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How to Choose a Qualified Export Food Trading Company? Here are Five Points to Keep in Mind!

如何挑選合格的食品貿易商? Selecting a Food Export Trading Company Here are five points you must pay attention to: Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the chosen company complies with relevant food safety and quali

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How to make pearls for pearl milk tea?

Pearls for pearl milk tea are primarily made with brown sugar. The preparation method is as follows: Ingredients: 200g brown sugar 100g water 200g tapioca starch Cooking method: Put brown sugar and wa

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Navigating the Ins and Outs of Food and Beverage Import-Export Trade (Considerations)

I am Sophia Chin from Taiwan, engaged in the food and beverage import-export trade for over a decade. Through years of work experience, our exports to various countries have made us well aware of the

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Who invented bubble tea?

Who invented bubble tea? Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. Its emergence added diversity to Taiwan’s tea-drinking culture and quickly gained popularity both dome

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Taiting x YOUTUBER-COOKING HAYHAY Unprecedented Collaboration, Bringing a Fresh Flavor to TTL Instant Noodles!

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking collaboration between Taiting and YOUTUBER-COOKING HAYHAY, resulting in a one-of-a-kind collaborative video that presents a fusion of deliciousness, fun,

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Why does everyone love drinking pearl milk tea?

Why does everyone love drinking pearl milk tea? Because pearl milk tea is really delicious! Delicious, truly delicious! This is probably the only constant truth. 珍珠奶茶很好喝 Convenience Pearl milk tea is

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Joining Hands with YOUTUBER-MAR ASMR

Breaking Subcultural Boundaries to Bring a Fascinating Fusion of Ultimate Cuisine and Rich Flavors Tai Ting Foods collaborates with YOUTUBER-MAR ASMR to present a unique visual and sensory feast for a

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TTL instant noodle Video collaboration with youtuber -草根貓Grassroots Cat

Recently, TaiTing once again collaborated with the renowned YOUTUBER – Grassroots Cat, creating a new video together. This collaborative video, infused with the distinctive style of Grassroots Cat, ta

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Introduction to Taiwanese Specialty Noodles – Guanmiao Noodles

Taiwan’s culinary culture has a rich history, with Tainan being the culinary capital of the country, attracting food enthusiasts to explore various local delicacies. In Tainan, there is a traditional

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Guanmiao Noodle Cooking Method

Since ancient times, people have been indulging in various culinary delights. Guanmiao Noodles are one such dish that captivates the palate. In this article, we will introduce you to the process of cr

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How long can Guanmiao noodles be stored, and what is the best method for preserving them?

guan-miao-noodle-preservation Best Methods for Preserving Guanmiao Noodles As a traditional Taiwanese favorite, Guanmiao noodles are meticulously crafted and seasoned. After consumption, the issue of

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Why is Guanmiao Noodles Marketed Worldwide?

Why is Guanmiao Noodles Marketed Worldwide? History and Cultural Background of Guanmiao Noodles Features and Texture of Guanmiao Noodles Cultural Value of Guanmiao Noodles Global Marketing of Guanmiao

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Entering the food and beverage import and export sales trade, are you inclined to choose an agent, or would you prefer to directly handle product sales?

Thinking of entering the food and beverage import and export sales trade, are you inclined to choose an agent, or would you prefer to directly handle product sales? 找食品貿易代理商還是自己來 Whether to find a foo

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The Importance of Choosing Agents in Beverage and Food Trade

Are you engaging in beverage and food trade? Why is choosing an agent an indispensable factor for success? Rapid Market Entry: Beverage and food agents possess extensive distribution networks. They ca

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Benefits of Direct Cooperation with Beverage and Food Import/Export Windows

Expanding beverage and food import/export business through direct cooperation with sales channels offers multiple advantages. This approach not only enhances business flexibility but also contributes

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Deep Dive into Guanmiao Noodles: Everything You Should Know About Guanmiao Noodles

Origin, Ingredients, Cultural Significance 關廟麵 Guanmiao Noodles: A Gem of Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine Guanmiao Noodles stand out as a radiant gem in the realm of traditional Taiwanese cuisine. This

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Most Popular Taiwanese Souvenirs

Taiwanese Souvenirs Categories Taiwanese Tea Taiwanese Dried Fruits Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes Taiwanese Beer Taiwanese Tea 台灣茶葉 High Mountain Tea: High Mountain Tea is one of Taiwan’s most famous tea

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Summer is here! What are the best drinks in Taiwan?

Summer is a hot season, and as we sweat profusely, a refreshing beverage can bring us endless comfort and satisfaction. In Taiwan, we have many delicious beverages, both traditional and innovative, ca

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Recommended Delicious Taiwanese Savory Crackers: Exploring the Delight of Taiwanese Savory Crispy Biscuits

We have four recommendations for delicious Taiwanese savory crackers to share with everyone: Scallion Cracker: These biscuits are aromatic with an enticing scallion flavor. Salted Crip Pickled Mustard

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Taiwan’s Top Three Must-Buy Souvenirs: Pineapple Cakes, Tea Leaves, and Kuan-Miao Noodles

Taiwan’s Top Three Must-Buy Souvenirs: Pineapple Cakes, Tea Leaves, and Kuan-Miao Noodles The Best Takeaways from Your Trip When traveling, everyone loves to bring back souvenirs. Not only do they ser

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Highly recommended Taiwanese Sweet Cookies as Gifts

In Taiwan, sweet cookies are an essential and delightful snack that not only satisfies people’s sweet cravings but also showcases Taiwan’s unique baking craftsmanship. This article will take you on a

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Five Things You Should Know When Exporting Food from Taiwan

Introduction Exporting food can be a profitable venture, but it requires an understanding of relevant regulations, processes, and considerations to ensure successful and compliant operations. In this

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Pastries: The Delicious Delights of Traditional Pastries

Pastries hold a significant place in Chinese culinary culture. These delightful treats not only have a rich history and cultural background but also tantalize taste buds with their diverse flavors and

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Pastry Variety: Explore the Delicious Diversity of Traditional Pastries

The Historical Background of Pastry Types The culture of pastries has a long and ancient history, dating back thousands of years. In ancient times, pastries were primarily made from grains such as ric

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Top 10 Must-Try Taiwanese Pastries: A Culinary Journey in Food Paradise

Taiwan is a culinary paradise boasting a rich variety of pastries that can leave anyone’s taste buds in ecstasy. Whether it’s light snacks or rich pastries, each bite offers a delightful experience. I

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Video collaboration with youtuber- HOICHING愷晴

Tai Ting has recently collaborated with four popular YouTubers from the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions to create a series of exciting videos about Taiwan beer. Today, we would like to introduce our last

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Top Five Popular Instant Noodles from TTL

TTL Hua-Tiau Pork Instant Noodles Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation Hua-Tiau Pork Noodles are renowned for their rich broth and exquisite ingredients. This instant noodle dish combines Taiwan’s cl

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台式泡麵 Taiwan instant noodle

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The Secret of Delicious Taiwanese Instant Noodles

Taiwanese instant noodles are one of Taiwan’s unique culinary treasures, known for their distinctive flavors and rich textures that have captured the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide. This delecta

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Video collaboration with youtuber -草根貓Grassroots Cat

啤酒海報_final   Tai Ting Food recently collaborated with four popular YouTubers in the Hong Kong and Taiwan region to create a series of exciting videos about Taiwan beer. Today, we’ll introduce the

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Video collaboration with youtuber – Perfect Continuous Eat有啖好食

Tai Ting Food Co., Ltd. has recently partnered with four popular YouTubers from the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions to present a series of captivating videos about Taiwan Beer. Today, we’ll introduce you

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Taiwanese Snack Imports: savor the delicious taste of Taiwan’s flavors

Taiwan, the treasure island located in the eastern part of Asia, is not only renowned for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its diverse and rich culinary culture. Among its many attractions, Ta

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Video collaboration with youtuber-SHELL一個女仔去台灣

Tai Ting Food Co., Ltd. (Tai Ting) in recent days, has joined hands with four prominent Youtubers active in the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, creating a captivating collaboration of video content for

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Top 10 Taiwan snacks 十大台灣零食


Top 10 Taiwan Snacks: The Best Choice for Savoring Foods

1. Honey Glazed Pork Jerky – Tender and Juicy Flavorful Delight Made from high-quality pork and crafted through special marination and baking techniques, honey glazed pork jerky retains its rich juice

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2023Summer-Taiwan Beer Tram advertising in HK

Illuminate the Summer in Hong Kong Island! The new glowing tram teams up with Taiwan Beer to infuse the city with the charm of beer culture! In the scorching summer, the streets of Hong Kong Island wi

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Celebrating the 2023 ITQI Superior Taste Award for Pepper Cracker and Green Tea Powder

Indulge in the remarkable flavors of YING XUAN ZHUANG’s Pepper Cracker and Green Tea Powder, the recipients of esteemed 2023 ITQI Superior Taste Award. This recognition is a testament to our dedicatio

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Exhibition information

Food Taipei 2023

SHOW DATES: June 14 -17, 2023 VENUE: Taipei Nangang Exhibition center Hall 1 & 2 (TaiNEX1&2) ADD.: No. 1/No. 2, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan)

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Exhibition information

2023 TAIWAN TRADE MISSION to Sydney and Melbourne

One-On-One Trade Meeting in Australia with Ying Xuan Zhuang supplier now! (May, 2023) Two free One-On-One trade meetings will be held as listed. Place 1. May 22th, 2023 located at Sheration Grand Sydn

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Exhibition information

The 23rd Singapore International Food and Beverage Exhibition FHA-Food & Beverage

Exhibition information Exhibition time: 25-28 April, 2023 (Tue – Fri) Venue: Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Center Exhibition Introduction: Singapore International Food Show is the largest

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Ground powder tea is different from instant tea powder

History of Tea Culture in Taiwan The tea habit in Taiwan can be traced back to the 17th century AD. At that time, the locals in Taiwan already had the habit of picking wild camellias to make tea. Howe

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How strong taiwanese tea is, understand Taiwan’s six major production areas at once

How strong is Taiwanese tea? In the 18th and 19th centuries, Taiwan imported tea seedlings and technology from Fujian and began to grow and make tea in northern Taiwan. In the middle of the 19th centu

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Global food and beverage packaging market trends in 2023

With the development of technology, the trend of food packaging is constantly changing, and the needs of customers are also developing at the same time. Through effective marketing and branding to est

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10 trends that cannot be ignored in the food industry

Innova Market Insights released the top 10 trends of the global food industry in 2023, and “redefining value” ranked first among the top 10 trends. Through the survey of global consumers in the past y

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Start your brand path, the five keys for international food trading companies to master

Start your brand path, the five keys for international food trading companies to master Make good use of new platforms and technologies to manage content marketing Suppose you want to stand out in ove

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Leading Taiwan Food Exporter Ying Xuan Zhuang Expanding Into US Market Amid Positive Growth

Taoyuan, Taiwan, NOVEMBER 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ying Xuan Zhuang International Co., Ltd. (Ying Xuan Zhuang), is expanding its presence in the US market on the back of positive growth, allowing the

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2022 Super popular recommendation of Taiwan’s top ten must-eat Biscuits!

Snacks are our good partners in many situations in life. Whether it is afternoon tea or hungry in the middle of the night, these snack biscuits will be your best choice. The following are the top 10 m

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The 2022 Global Snacks leaderboard, Super tasty Taiwan Snacks are also on the list!

If you are hungry in the afternoon, would you like snacks and Biscuits to satisfy your cravings? We recommend the top ten delicious snack Biscuits in the world, including Taiwanese snacks! Many unforg

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How to attack overseas markets with the power of “food”? Let’s broaden the global market horizon together!

When the brand is gradually growing, many enterprises will start to think about the possibility of globalization, but expanding the overseas market is not as simple as imagined. In the process of expa

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What is Cross Border E-Commerce ? How to start exporting goods overseas?

What is cross-border logistics Cross-border logistics is also called international logistics. It transports goods from one country to another by sea, land, or air. However, each country has different

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Advantages of Taiwanese food: brand, product, food, ingredients, etc

The public’s impression of Taiwanese food is that it is a delicious and cheap snack. Relatively cheap labor, raw materials, and ingredients, rich and innovative flavors, dishes, and atmosphere are als

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Bubble tea in the eyes of foreigners

Pearl milk tea, also known as Boba milk tea and bubble tea for short, is a tea beverage that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It is a branch of foam black tea and pearl tea culture in Taiwan. Pearl

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Foreigners love this taste, and the most popular Taiwanese souvenir

Taiwan has a lot of souvenirs, but what famous products do foreigners like? Curator specially sorted out the souvenir that Taiwan must buy in 2022! Not only do Taiwanese love it, but also friends from

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What is a Trade Show & Why Trades Shows are Important for International Trading

Trade Show is a kind of trade promotion activity that mainly displays and sells new products or best products. It integrates the two functions of exhibition and sales. It attracts merchants and manufa

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2022 Taiwan International Food and Equipment Exhibition

The most complete annual food exhibition is a must for food, connoisseur, and business people! Food X Equipment X Popular Food The first culinary competition, where Chef show their skills Western Chin

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2022Hong Kong tram and flagship stop sign advertising

As the most attractive international financial center, Hong Kong has always been our most important Asian market. In order to introduce the best products to Hong Kong, we invest considerable advertisi

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Taiwan must eat snack list top 10

Every time I go to the store, I will always be attracted by all kinds of snacks, and my relatives and friends who are far away, sometimes in overseas shopping malls, may not necessarily buy Taiwanese

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Taste of home! 10 Classic Taiwanese Snacks That Travelers Miss Most

  Any wandering children who leave their hometown must be very homesick. They miss their relatives and friends in Taiwan and the delicious food in Taiwan. As long as they eat the familiar hometow

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Finding the Right International Trading Company for Your Business: The 8 “Must-Haves”

Commodities appear because of various needs, desires, and trends of consumers. Every commodity can appear in daily life, and behind it is the blood and sweat of countless people. It is the responsibil

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Meet the Four Heavenly Kings of Taiwanese Noodles

Meet the Four Heavenly Kings of Taiwanese Noodles “Noodles” have the same place as rice stations in Taiwan’s food life. Whether they are students studying abroad or working hard-working office workers

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Taiwan’s pasta culture

Taiwan’s pasta culture The pasta culture in different parts of Taiwan is different. If there are food lovers who have eaten all over Taiwan, they will find that the pasta culture in the south, south,

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The Top Taiwan Exports: Food & Beverage

The Top Taiwan Exports: Food & Beverage Taiwan’s food industry began to sprout in the 1930s and 1940s. In the 1950s and 1980s, food processing technology gradually matured and a relatively complet

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Top 10 Global Food and Beverage Trends in 2022

Top 10 Global Food and Beverage Trends in 2022 Every year, innova market insight will propose the “global food and beverage trends” for the next year based on its in-depth research on food and beverag

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Taiwanese snacks missed by Hong Kong and Macao – Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice

The once beautiful night market in Taiwan has been seriously affected by the epidemic, and many classic snacks have gradually disappeared… Because of the impact of the epidemic, how long has it been

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Taiwanese tea gift boxes that foreigners love

Taiwan not only has a long-standing tea-drinking culture, but with the continuous improvement of agriculture and tea-making technology, Taiwan’s tea culture is well-known far and near. Tea is also the

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關於我們-最齊全的台灣味,盡在櫻軒 The complete taste of Taiwan liesin Ying Cuan

Introduction to the import and export advantages of food in Ying Xuan Zhuang

Ying Xuan Zhuang Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in food agent export trade. As a Asian food Wholesale and Oriental Food Distributor from Taiwan, we are committed to promoting and selling all kind

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Epidemic at home, the most popular frozen food TOP 10

With the gradual warming of the epidemic, more and more people at home and abroad reduce going out to stay at home to fight the epidemic. People can’t help cooking at home. Therefore, the standing pro

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American Chinese supermarket: the familiar taste of hometown is here

Do friends or international students who immigrated to the United States often think that Western-style breakfast is convenient and hassle-free, but sometimes they crave Chinese-style breakfast. Even

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Tram Car Advertising in Tiger year

Hong Kong the glamorous symbol of Asia which always is one of our most valuable markets, we attached great importance to the advertisement in this city. Have you seen the below tram cars which shuttle

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Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake & Tea Powder

See How Amber Chia,The KOL of Malaysia recommend our Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake And Tea Powder. Bubble drinks, the most iconic drinks in Taiwan. Chewy bubbles together with the milk tea, make the pinea

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taiwan tea

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Tea- A wonderful beverage for our lives

    Drinking tea is one of life’s great pleasures, symbolizing a lifestyle of leisure and enjoyment. Typically, enjoying good includes brewing the tea carefully, smelling its aroma, admiring the color

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What is Matcha Powder Good for? 5 Matcha and Green Tea Powder Benefits

Tea has played an essential role in many cultures for generations. While most mainstream tea is well known globally, in recent years, matcha and green tea have become quite popular for its health bene

2021-10-14 ReadMore

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The Best Tea Party Dessert – Vegan Mochi. Three Popular Flavors: Matcha, Black Sesame and Peanut

The Best Tea Party Dessert – Vegan Mochi. Three Popular Flavors: Matcha, Black Sesame and Peanut Mochi, a vegan dessert that is made of Japanese rice cake called Mochigome (a type of sticky rice), has

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Taiwan Beef Stew Noodles – Readymade Beef Noodles Recipe

Taiwan Beef Stew Noodles – Readymade (Taiwan Style) Beef Noodles Recipe Beef stew noodle soups have been a staple in numerous Asian cuisines throughout time. Although beef stew noodle soups can vary d

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How to make instant noodles healthier

When time constraints get the best of us, instant noodle is perfect in every way… except for the health factor. We all know that most ultra-convenient varieties are overly processed for instant noodle

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How to brew oolong tea properly?

 6 steps to make perfect oolong tea Taiwanese tea is very famous, but lots of people don’t know how to brew the tea properly, so they couldn’t enjoy the best taste and aroma of the tea. How to brew oo

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Taiwan Alishan High-Mountain Tea Benefits

Why is the Tea So Popular? Through out history, tea has been an important aspect of multiple cultures and rituals. In Asian countries, drinking tea is common practice in both social gatherings and bus

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5 ways to make delicious pork floss dishes.

5 ways to make delicious pork floss dishes.   Pork floss(dried pork rousong), the name may sound strange to the unfamiliar, but this is simple pork that’s been cooked in sweet soy until ultra-ten

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What is Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice?

Not only does Taiwan have a rich spiritual and cultural heritage, it is also famous for its amazing street food, such as stinky tofu, Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice, oyster omelet, etc. If you wan

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Exhibition information

TAIWAN EXPO 2018 in Vietnam

Taiwan’s high-quality enterprises are exhibited, and the exhibition site is accompanied by Taiwan’s trendy cultural performances, so that Vietnamese people and enterprises can experience Taiwan’s tren

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