Leading Taiwan Food Exporter Ying Xuan Zhuang Expanding Into US Market Amid Positive Growth

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Taoyuan, Taiwan, NOVEMBER 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/Ying Xuan Zhuang International Co., Ltd. (Ying Xuan Zhuang), is expanding its presence in the US market on the back of positive growth, allowing the leading Taiwan-based food and snacks exporter to provide further access to Taiwanese food products on a global scale.

Making a mark in the global market

With the US becoming the second-largest market for Taiwan’s agricultural exports in 2021, with an estimated value of around US$924 million, there is a clear growing demand for the food products that Ying Xuan Zhuang is able to provide to both consumers and businesses alike.

“When it comes to making a mark in global markets such as the US and Asia, it takes consistent quality and constant innovation to stand out among the tough competition, and this is where Ying Xuan Zhuang has been able to succeed for many years,” said Chin Hui, general manager of Ying Xuan Zhuang. “The growth we have seen in recent times has given us full confidence that this is the right moment to expand in the US, and we hope to be able to become an integral part of the food industry with other similar businesses.”

Ying Xuan Zhuang has seen exponential growth in its main markets, including Hong Kong, Macau, and New Zealand, ensuring a high return on investment for its local marketing efforts and that its partner brands’ products are a constant option for consumers to choose from.

Ranges of product and services provided

Since its inception, the company has leveraged its position as a high-quality resource supplier to establish a presence in countries including Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, and Australia. Cooperating with various business partners has also allowed Ying Xuan Zhang to firm up its distribution channels through supermarket chains and mass stores, as well as digitally through TV shopping and e-commerce platforms. Consumers have more avenues to learn more about the company’s offerings and more channels to make their purchases.

Beyond sales, the company also provides various services ranging from product development, innovation, and refinement through various testing methods, as well as exploring more ways to engage and assist consumers and partners through promotional activities and advertising. With an ecosystem that includes more than 500 different kinds of commodities, Ying Xuan Zhuang is able to competently integrate different products into the purchase journey of its customers, and help other business partners progress to the next level.

Star product

Caption: Qin’s Stinky Tofu Soup

The headlining product that Ying Xuan Zhuang distributes is the food brand Qin’s Stinky Tofu Soup, a unique delicacy that utilizes non-GMO soybeans to create juicy and bouncy tofu paired with a complex, layered, and slightly spicy soup base. The combination of garlic, ginger, and mushrooms, all locally sourced in Taiwan, is maintained in every unit, ensuring delicious quality. No preservatives are used as high temperature and high-pressure sterilization help prolong shelf life, allowing for convenient storage and access anytime.

To find out more about Ying Xuan Zhuang and its related products, services, and capabilities, please visit the company’s official website or check out its associated Taiwantrade page.

About Ying Xuan Zhuang

Ying Xuan Zhuang specializes in the food export trade, operating out of its Taiwan base with both manufacturing and exporting expertise. The company is committed to promoting Taiwanese delicacies to a global audience, providing resources and professional expertise to partners as part of the process. Ying Xuan Zhuang currently provides up to 500 different kinds of commodities to meet the changing needs of its customers.

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