Celebrating the 2023 ITQI Superior Taste Award for Pepper Cracker and Green Tea Powder

Indulge in the remarkable flavors of YING XUAN ZHUANG’s Pepper Cracker and Green Tea Powder, the recipients of esteemed 2023 ITQI Superior Taste Award. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to delivering authentic tastes and promoting Taiwan’s culinary heritage to the world.

Our Pepper Cracker combines the perfect balance of spices, offering a symphony of flavors that entice the palate. Each bite is a harmonious blend of heat, crunch, and robust aromas. On the other hand, our Green Tea Powder embodies the tranquility and elegance of Taiwan’s tea culture, with a velvety smoothness and a gentle, soothing taste.

The ITQI Superior Taste Award is a celebration of exceptional flavors and quality. It is a mark of distinction in the food industry, representing our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. YING XUAN ZHUANG is honored to have our Pepper Cracker and Green Tea Powder recognized among the best in the world, allowing us to share Taiwan’s culinary excellence with food enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement as we invite you to experience the award-winning flavors of YING XUAN ZHUANG. Let our Pepper Cracker and Green Tea Powder transport you to the vibrant world of international food trading and the diverse gastronomic landscape of Taiwan.