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Taiwanese Tea

  1. High Mountain Tea: High Mountain Tea is one of Taiwan’s most famous tea varieties, primarily grown in high-altitude regions above 1,000 meters, such as the Alishan and Nantou’s Lishan tea areas. Praised for its unique growing environment and cultivation techniques, high mountain tea leaves are thick, with a vibrant green color and a fragrance reminiscent of flowers and fruits. Renowned for their refreshing taste and rich flavor, high mountain teas are a top choice for many tea enthusiasts.
  2. Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is another distinctive variety in Taiwanese teas. Its production process falls between that of green tea and black tea, involving oxidation and fermentation of the tea leaves. This unique processing imparts oolong tea with a rich aroma and flavor. The eastern regions of Taiwan, including Taitung and Hualien, are famous oolong tea-producing areas known for their high-quality and unique-tasting tea leaves.

Taiwanese Dried Fruits

Drying fruits is an ancient technique that preserves the natural goodness of fruits for an extended period while intensifying their flavors by removing moisture. This process also retains the nutritional value of the fruits. Taiwan’s dried fruits come in various varieties, each with its unique flavor and characteristics. Below are some of the most popular Taiwanese dried fruit varieties:

  1. Dried Pineapple:  Taiwanese dried pineapple are renowned for their sweet and tangy flavor. Made from carefully processed and dried slices of ripe pineapples, these dried pineapple preserve the natural sweetness and fruity aroma of the pineapple. Besides being a delicious snack, dried pineapple are commonly used in cooking and baking, adding a unique flavor to dishes.
  2. Dried Mango: Dried Taiwanese mango is loved for its juicy and sweet taste. Using ripe mangoes, sliced and dried, dried mango retains the rich texture and aroma of mangoes. This dried fruit can be enjoyed on its own or added to salads, yogurts, or baked goods, enhancing the taste of your feast.

Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes


Taiwanese pineapple cakes are famous for their unique appearance and texture. Typically, pineapple jam is wrapped in a crispy crust, creating a delightful combination of crispy outer layers and a sweet and sour filling. This distinctive texture makes Taiwanese pineapple cakes a irresistible treat.

The design of Taiwanese pineapple cakes is also meticulously crafted, with common shapes including squares and circles, sometimes featuring creative decorations. This carefully designed appearance has made Taiwanese pineapple cakes highly popular in the gift market, becoming an ideal choice for both gifting and personal enjoyment.

Taiwanese Beer


Every country has its representative beverage with unique flavors, and Taiwanese beer naturally stands as a must-have gift representing Taiwan. Original, classic, wheat, honey-flavored, and fruit-flavored Taiwanese beers are waiting for you to explore and experience.

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