5 ways to make delicious pork floss dishes.

5 ways to make delicious pork floss dishes.


Pork floss(dried pork rousong), the name may sound strange to the unfamiliar, but this is simple pork that’s been cooked in sweet soy until ultra-tender, then finely shredded and oven-dried, until it’s fluffy and meaty and something akin to pork cotton candy(but much tastier than that). Its great sprinkled on all sorts of dishes for an umami-boosting fillip of flavor and texture. Here’s 5 common pork floss uses recipes for you, try it fall in love with it!

1. Scallion Pancake with eggs and pork floss (肉鬆蛋餅)

An easy batter form from medium gluten flour and sesame oil and scallions, quickly cooked in hot oil to a crepe-like consistency, and rolled up around the pork floss and a fried egg, it’s the most famous Taiwanese style breakfast. Try to start a wonderful day with scallion pancake with egg and pork floss, it’s one of the best breakfast choice.

2. Creamy Congee with pork floss (肉鬆白粥)


Congee is a type of rice porridge served with different side dishes and toppings such as salted duck eggs, tofu and lettuce. The fluffy and cotton candy like texture of Pork floss, combine with the creamy congee, melt in your mouth and leave a sweet and salty flavor, make a perfect match for the cold weather.
Congee and pork floss are famous Chinese delicacies which are comforting any time of the year as an everyday meal or when you’re feeling under the weather. Creamy congee with pork floss is a dish which is suit for child or elder who is not good at chewing.

3. Pork Floss Sandwiches (肉鬆三明治)

Pork floss sandwich, incredibly easy Asian snacks of dense white Asian bread slathered lightly with butter, and pork floss, which become the childhood breakfast memories of many Taiwanese. Crispy bread with fluffy pork floss must make you difficult to stop eating!

4. Pork Floss bun (肉鬆麵包)

The soft bread is first coated with a layer of salad dressing and then thick pork floss is added. With a fresh bread fragrance, smooth texture, and full of nutrients, you will find out why this is such a popular food.
With a little sweet from the salad dressing and a little salty from the pork floss, the mixture of sweet and salty is the essence of this dish.

5. Pork Floss Onigiri Rice Ball (肉鬆飯糰)

Triangle Rice Balls are essentially the Taiwanese version of the Japanese Onigiri. They are an immensely popular snack that can be found in convenience stores in Taiwan. Triangle rice balls come with many, many different fillings and even unfilled at times. Plain rice with pork floss filling which wrapped with seaweed is always simple and tasty, and one of the most popular flavor of triangle rice ball.
There are various of pork floss uses, and each of them has different feature, get the pork floss and try these recipes soon!