Taiwan must eat snack list top 10

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Every time I go to the store, I will always be attracted by all kinds of snacks, and my relatives and friends who are far away, sometimes in overseas shopping malls, may not necessarily buy Taiwanese snacks. Today, I will introduce the top 10 snacks in Taiwan. , let’s see if your favorite classic snack is on the list.

No. 1 Original Shredded Squid Shredded
squid is one of the snacks that often appear in Taiwanese households. Whether it is watching TV, traveling or doing any leisure activities to enjoy with beer, it is the most delicious choice. Processed with quality control, chewy texture and delicious seafood flavor, it is one of the most delicious Asian snacks.

No. 2 Ancient Style Pork Floss Pork
floss is also one of the frequently-appearing options in Taiwanese breakfasts and snacks. It uses high-quality pork selected from Taiwan, does not contain preservatives, is safe and suitable for all ages, and is baked under strict quality control to make it have The golden-yellow crispy skin and crispy high-quality taste, whether it is paired with white rice porridge, rice or added to bread, are all different flavors.

No. 3 Beef/Pork Jerky
is the best choice for casual snacks in Taiwan. It uses selected high-quality pork and is processed through strict quality control. After years of improvement and research, the jerky brand has launched a variety of jerky. Size and packaging, there are large pieces of jerky, strips of jerky, and jerky that can be eaten in one bite. On the packaging, convenient and practical packaging products using zipper bags are also introduced.

No. 4 Milk biscuits
Milk biscuits, although an inconspicuous snack, are a good helper for the stomach, the best choice for office workers! It is because of its crisp, crisp and fragrant natural taste and simple seasoning, it can satisfy the appetite, let people eat one piece after another, and can instantly replenish energy, full of vitality and happiness.

No. 5 Nougat Cake
Nougat Cake is also one of the classic snacks in Taiwan. Through the efforts and innovations of many brands, various special flavors have been gradually developed, such as pearl milk tea flavor, peanut flavor, charming rich milk flavor and crisp and refreshing taste. The soda cake is perfectly blended, the taste is clever and not sticky to the teeth, the perfect combination of salty and sweet, the denseness is more refreshing and fragrant, and the taste is even more charming.

No. 6 Soda Cookies
The soda biscuits are a classic among the classics, and the seaweed taste is unstoppable. In addition to the unique biscuit recipe, the carefully selected seaweed, sprinkled with fresh and tender green onions, mix and match the fresh double taste, the refreshing and crispy is unforgettable. It is a popular product in major channels, and the most natural soda biscuits present the natural flavor of the ingredients themselves.

No. 7 Jelly
Jelly is one of the most popular snacks for children, and it is also the most popular snack in summer. It is suitable for room temperature, refrigeration and freezing. Most jelly flavors are either juice or fruit flavors, especially now many jelly brands mainly use fresh fruits. The fruit juice is used as one of the ingredients in the jelly, which is healthy and satisfying.

No. 8 Daifuku
Daifuku is one of Japan’s famous products. After Taiwan introduced Daifuku, after many improvements and innovations, Taiwan’s unique flavors have gradually been introduced, such as bubble tea flavor, peanut flavor, etc., carefully selected high-quality glutinous rice and kneaded into balls , with the thick milk tea fragrant filling and the slow-simmered brown sugar filling, the delicious encounter between Zhen milk and Dafu brings out a new taste.

No. 9 Mochi
Mochi originated from the traditional Japanese food. It is made by pounding rice flour into dough. It is a traditional food to celebrate the New Year. Later, various flavors were gradually invented, and it gradually became one of the delicious dishes during the New Year. , Every bite, the soft and chewy taste combined with the delicate filling, gradually melted in the mouth under the delicious interweaving.

No. 10 Brown
Sugar Sachima (Sachima) is a traditional Taiwanese pastry cake, made of fried dough dipped in syrup, the perfect combination of undead sweetness and non-stickiness, symbolizing the happiness and deliciousness of every bite, plus It comes in a convenient and simple packaging, satisfying the appetite anytime, anywhere. Some people like the fluffy taste, and some people like the firm taste after squeezing.