Taiwan Alishan High-Mountain Tea Benefits

Why is the Tea So Popular?

Through out history, tea has been an important aspect of multiple cultures and rituals. In Asian countries, drinking tea is common practice in both social gatherings and business meetings. The four main types of tea are Oolong, Black, Green, and White. While Oolong tea only accounts for about 2% of global tea consumption, it can be referred to as Taiwan’s hidden treasure. Amongst all kinds, Alishan High Mountain Tea ranks the best Oolong tea.

History of Taiwan Alishan Tea

Tea has been sold and cultivated in Taiwan for more than two centuries. The earliest record of tea trees can be traced back to 1717 in what is present-day Nantou County. Possibly one of Taiwan’s most famous products is its Alishan high mountain Oolong tea. Situated in the counties of Nantou and Chiayi, Alishan is a high mountain area in Taiwan famous for its Oolong tea. This mountainous region produced fruit orchards in the past but switched to growing tea when it became more profitable. The remains of plum orchards mixed in with the tea plantations are what give Alishan mountain teas their exquisite and unique sweetness.
In this article, you will find three topics:
1. Benefits of Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea (Alishan Tea benefits)
2. Freshly packaged Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Tea – by Ying Xuan Zhuang
3. How to brew Alishan High Mountain Tea to achieve the best results

Benefits of Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea (Alishan Tea benefits)

Oolong Tea provides robust health benefits when consumed regularly. Like both Green and Black tea, Oolong also originates from the camellia sinensis plant. However, the difference lies in how they are processed. For example, Oolong is partially fermented and semi-oxidized, giving it a taste in between black and green tea. Additionally, Oolong contains less fluoride than Green tea, but a similar amount of Caffeine at around 37mg per cup.

The six main benefits of Oolong tea are:

6 Benefits of Alishan High Mountain Tea

Reduces risk of heart disease Boosts energy
● Oolong tea’s semi-oxidized nature
produces a polyphenol molecule that
activates the enzyme lipase.
● It helps to dissolve body fat to lower
cholesterol levels.
● The production of anti-bacterial
proteins is much higher in those who
drink Oolong tea, indicating a strong
immune response when fighting
Lowers risk of cancer Improves teeth and skin health
● Oolong is high in anti-inflammatory
polyphenols which are antioxidants
that scavenge cancer causing radicals
in the body.
● The antioxidant flavonoids in the tea
prevent cellular damage.
● Oolong tea leaves contain fluoride,
an element used to prevent dental
● Oolong tea is also able to suppress
allergic reactions affecting the skin
because it combats free radicals.
Helps with weight loss Stronger bones
● Oolong tea helps you burn fat faster
by raising your metabolism for up to
two hours after drinking it.
● Oolong contains polyphenols that
are able to block enzymes that build
● Those who consistently drink
Oolong tea are less likely to lose
their bone mineral density, helping
retain minerals from healthy foods


While there are clear benefits to drinking Oolong tea, it must be drunk in moderation. For one, it contains Caffeine, so anyone trying to avoid caffeine, including young children, as well as pregnant people should proceed with caution. Additionally, although Oolong tea contains naturally occurring fluoride, it can be counterproductive for those with certain thyroid conditions. Note that high quality organic teas tend to contain less fluoride than cheaply produced ones. It is recommended to drink two cups of Oolong per day to maximize the benefits.

Why Alishan High Mountain Tea?

Alishan’s high mountain teas are Oolong teas that grow above 1000 meters in the mountains of Taiwan. Alishan tea is grown between 1000 and 2300 meters of altitude. The higher the altitude, the better the quality of the tea and the more expensive.

Alishan-High-Mountain-Tea#02 Alishan-High-Mountain-Tea#03

The typical Alishan Tea has an orchid aroma and a soothingly sweet taste. Two of the most famous tea production areas in Alishan are Zhong Shu Hu and Shi Zuo. Zhong Shu Hu has the perfect climate for producing Oolong tea with cool, damp air all year round. The area lies from 1300 to 1800 meters above sea level and is usually covered in fog. Shi Zuo on the other hand sits between 1300 and 1500 meters above sea level. It has a distinct deep red soil that is incredibly rich in nutrients which makes for excellent Oolong growing conditions. The tea strain, nutrients in the soil, elevation, and climate all play a role in the unique taste of Taiwan high mountain tea.
Alishan’s geographical placement allows for an incredibly suitable alpine environment where tea plantations thrive. The high mountain conditions offer plenty of fog and low temperatures and the water used for irrigation comes from pure mountain springs. The cloudy environment with limited sunshine makes the tea grow slowly. This gives nutrients more time to achieve a higher concentration of pectin, a polysaccharide found in the cell walls of plants, resulting in an intense flavor when the leaves are brewed. The more pectin, the better the aroma and taste. The result is a tea with a slightly sweet and floral flavor. The combination of altitude, climate, and soil makes Alishan tea great for infusions even after multiple steeping’s.


Alishan high mountain tea should be part of your routine because:
1. It has numerous health benefits
2. The delicious flavour and scent are incomparable to other teas

Ying Xuan Zhuang: From The High Mountains To Your Home

    From the Alishan mountains, Oolong high mountain tea goes through a rigorous process subject to multiple quality controls to be delivered at an impressive standard. In Taiwan the tea leaves are hand-picked every year in the spring and winter. Selected tea leaves are then processed through oxidation which involves lightly rolling the leaf to break down cell tissue. The rolled leaves are left for 8 hours, then roasted lightly to stop the oxidation. This elaborate process ensures the production of a delectable and aromatic Alishan high mountain tea that lives up to its reputation.


     Ying Xuan Zhuang delivers a uniquely fruity tea with a creamy aftertaste that brings Alishan right to your doorstep in a convenient 150g tin can. This tea has a shelf life of 24 months and is only required to be kept in a cool, dry place out of the reach of sunlight. Enjoy a tasty cup of Taiwan high mountain tea at any time of the day with this tea package nestled comfortably in your pantry.


  To yield the best results when using Ying Xuan Zhuang’s packaged Alishan high mountain tea follow these steps:

  1.   Heat: Heat a kettle of water to 90° C
  2.   Measure Out: 1 teaspoon of Alishan tea for every 250 ml of water poured in the kettle
  3.   Steep: Steep the leaves in the tea anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes
  4.   Remove: Remove tea leaves and pour

         Alishan high mountain tea, grown locally in Taiwan is highly coveted around the world thanks to its uniquely aromatic and flavorful tea leaves that deliver a sweetly addictive taste every sip.  Not only will you get hooked on its taste but drinking a cup of Oolong regularly has been shown to reduce risks of cancer, give you 25% of your recommended dietary allowance of essential nutrients, and inspire a burst of energy.


        Make sure to pick up some Alishan High Mountain Oolong tea during your next grocery run and discover all the hype for yourself, you will not want to miss out!

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