Start your brand path, the five keys for international food trading companies to master

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Start your brand path, the five keys for international food trading companies to master

Make good use of new platforms and technologies to manage content marketing

Suppose you want to stand out in overseas markets, in addition to exposing your brand through advertising. In that case, you can also establish a brand strategy through content marketing, give consumers good stories, and present brand advantages to gain business opportunities. Make good use of the power of content, use new platforms, media tools, and international marketing routines, and present corporate advantages with professional strategies.

New wars cannot be fought with old weapons. To gain a firm foothold in international trade, companies need to use technology and self-media in order to do business with the world. The business content should be easy for the other party to remember, so it is necessary to have a clear brand proposition, grasp the six significant originality trends, arouse interest, problem-solving, fashion trends, interaction and trust, and seek innovation and change, which are commonly used in official websites and international business. In the community, cooperate with platforms and online media to actively strive for overseas media exposure to create the greatest content marketing benefits.

Create a two-way interaction for brand and product storytelling

In addition to using content marketing to obtain brand exposure opportunities, a good brand and product need to have the ability to tell stories. In addition to getting consumers to buy products, the most important thing in sales is to establish a strong connection with consumers and let them remember the brand. It is the most beneficial way to attract people’s hearts with story-packaging products. Professional story structure and logic, mastering audience expectations, providing effective solutions, and creating two-way interactions can achieve effective brand communication.

Facing the international market, enterprises can use new tools and the power of technology to carry out marketing, establish brand recognition, expand brand value, and then obtain overseas business opportunities. Then make good use of the brand story, go deep into the customer’s needs to reach a consensus, and then create word-of-mouth marketing, so that the brand can be seen. Enterprises should accurately grasp the key points of content marketing, continue to operate, and provide consumer value, in order to make their brands stand out in the fiercely competitive international market.

Five Keys to Opening up New Markets

To create a new market, you need to have a unique vision that others can’t see. Both the potential to create a business and the ability to organize and manage are necessary, and to evaluate from a correct perspective pay attention to the following five principles:

1. Lock in the 「zero consumption」business model:

Create a new business model and sell products to potential consumers who can’t afford it now but need it. The bigger the zero consumption, the bigger the potential market. The bigger the market, the bigger the impact. Creating a virtuous circle in the economy will further promote the development of new markets.

2. Technology to reduce product cost:

When enterprises explore new markets, they use technology to provide products at lower prices and create competitive advantages. Higher performance at a progressively lower cost. Technology is the process of transforming a lower-value input into a higher-value output. Technologies such as the Internet, smartphones, or efficient distribution sales and logistics operations are all competitive advantages that companies can provide when entering new markets.

3. Build a new value network:

Every link in the process of product processing, storage, transportation, packaging, and marketing from production to consumers will increase the cost of the product. This network of activities constitutes a product value network. To reduce costs, it is necessary to re-create new value network trials. A value network defines a company’s cost structure. Since most businesses target existing customers, their cost structure makes it impossible to target zero customers. Creating new value networks allows companies to redefine cost structures so that their goods are affordable and profitable for those who would otherwise spend nothing.

4. Adaptive Strategies:

There are many difficulties in developing new markets. Most companies will adopt a flexible strategy at the beginning and change their strategies according to the characteristics of different countries. Learn local customs from potential local consumers and understand local market demand. Enterprises should learn and modify reservation strategies based on the opinions of potential new customers.

5. Get high-level support

Investing in new markets may not be profitable immediately. Continuous innovation and efficient innovation require more resources. To survive in the existing organization, it is necessary to obtain support and support from senior management.

Domestic and overseas B2B marketing

Regardless of whether the B2B marketing model is domestic or overseas, the targets are all enterprises, and both parties can use the same marketing technology tools. Therefore, we should first think about how to find buyers during the marketing data collection stage. The mobile positioning service can be used to place advertisements for participating exhibitions, collect advertisement browsing behaviors of exhibition buyers, and deliver sellers’ product advertisements.

In addition to collecting data, you can also use the data obtained by importing third-party traffic data on the data management platform and comparing the data to find out more similar target buyers, and gradually correct the target of delivering advertisements. Make the seller’s product advertisements more and more accurate, and deliver the most relevant advertising content to the target buyers.
※The first party is the seller’s product web page traffic data, the second party is the data provider’s DMP database, and the third party is the buyer’s database.

Use immersive experience in offline physical activities to create a brand image hall or showroom, and use AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality technology to integrate brand culture and brand stories, so that buyers participating in the exhibition can change from being a mere “viewer” Roles become actual “participants”, thereby deepening the impression of the brand, increasing interest, and purchase incentives.

Overseas B2C marketing

The target audience outside B2C is global consumers. Consumers’ popular information is changing rapidly, so in the stage of marketing data collection, the most important thing is to collect the current local shopping-related events, that is, to package the most discussed events in the country, and combine their brands and products for advertising, to ignite the local discussion of brands.

The data collection tool of marketing technology is a key trend. By sorting out the hotly discussed topics on the Internet, we can find out the hottest topics in the local area, or find suitable opinion leaders, which can be used as a bridge to drive consumers to discuss products.

With the main purpose of reaching the majority of consumers, we use social media and opinion leaders to market products online and combine them with offline marketing activities to achieve better comprehensive benefits. It can be conceived to cooperate with the exhibition site, walk around the site for sales, take photos with the audience on-site, create marketing highlights of brand culture and products, and then pass word-of-mouth through social media from opinion leaders or site audiences, so as to drive foreign consumers to be more interested in the product purchase motivation.

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