Taiwanese tea gift boxes that foreigners love

Taiwan not only has a long-standing tea-drinking culture, but with the continuous improvement of agriculture and tea-making technology, Taiwan’s tea culture is well-known far and near. Tea is also the most-drinked beverage in the world, second only to water. Tea is one of the top ten souvenirs in Taiwan, and it is also the most suitable. Taiwanese souvenirs for foreigners.

The rich aroma and taste of Taiwanese tea, especially the fruity aroma of Alpine Oolong and the floral aroma of Oriental Beauty Tea, are among the best in the world. Tea can not only be stored for many years, but it is lightweight and easy to carry, without causing a burden on luggage, allowing foreign friends to return to their hometown and enjoy the taste of tea.

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Ying Xuan Zhuang is committed to promoting Taiwanese culture, and tea culture is indispensable. I hope that the various Taiwanese tea gift boxes prepared by Ying Xuan Zhuang for you will impress foreign friends from different countries and cultures, and have endless aftertastes!

The flavors of Taiwanese tea are ever-changing. How to choose the most delicious Taiwanese tea souvenirs for foreign friends?
In addition to letting friends feel Taiwanese culture, of course, I also hope that they can drink happily. Therefore, the editor has compiled the following list of gift-giving suggestions according to the cultural customs of various countries.

Taiwanese tea for UK, Russia, Sri Lanka

Due to their past cultural backgrounds, these countries like to drink strong tea, while the tea drinking habits of the United Kingdom and Russia like to add 1 or 2 cubes of sugar, while Sri Lanka likes to drink the rich original flavor of tea, and it is recommended to choose a tea with a more distinctive aroma and taste. Tea drinks, such as: Oriental Beauty Tea, Dongding Oolong Tea, etc.

Taiwanese tea for the United States, Thailand, and North Africa

Due to cultural background and climate factors, these countries like to drink iced tea. The tea drinking habit in the United States is speed and efficiency. Therefore, they often drink canned cold tea such as oolong and green tea. Tea that can be brewed cold tea is also the first choice. Thailand and North Africa have a hot climate, so they like to drink cold tea. It is recommended to choose tea that can be used to remove heat, dispel dampness, or make cold tea, such as jasmine green tea, frozen top oolong tea, etc.

Taiwan tea for Japan and South Korea.

Japan and South Korea originally had their own tea culture. Japanese people mainly drink clear tea. South Korea’s tea culture pays attention to treating each other with courtesy. Since both countries are familiar with single-flavor tea, they can feel the delicate taste of Taiwanese tea. It is recommended to choose the representative tea styles of Taiwan, such as: Oriental Beauty Tea, Dongding Oolong Tea, Alishan Mountain Tea, Tieguanyin Tea, Jinxuan Tea, etc.

The most recommended Taiwanese tea souvenirs

Taiwan Ying Xuan Gift Box-Oriental Beauty Tea

Selected tea leaves are subject to strict quality control, oxidation and rigorous processing. Packed 100 grams per can, with elegant floral fragrance, strong and thick taste, Oriental Beauty is the best variety of Taiwanese oolong tea.

Taiwan Imprint Gift Box-Taiwan Dongding Oolong Tea

Beautifully packaged in a gift box, two cans (150g each), with a matching design paper bag, this will be the perfect gift box to keep!

Sweet and Fragrant Gift Box-Taiwan High Mountain Tea

The mild fruity aroma and mellow aftertaste will bring you the feeling of being in a tea garden