Summer is here! What are the best drinks in Taiwan?

Summer is a hot season, and as we sweat profusely, a refreshing beverage can bring us endless comfort and satisfaction. In Taiwan, we have many delicious beverages, both traditional and innovative, catering to various tastes. This article will introduce the best drinks for summer in Taiwan, allowing you to enjoy delicious thirst-quenching moments in the scorching heat.

Classic Tea Drinks

  1. Bubble Milk Tea – Bubble milk tea is one of the most popular tea drinks in Taiwan, blending the fragrance of tea with the smoothness of milk and adding chewy tapioca pearls to create a unique texture and flavor. Whether it’s the original bubble milk tea or variations like caramel, chocolate, or taro, it can satisfy your taste buds.

  2. Taiwanese Milk Tea – Taiwanese milk tea is another popular classic tea drink known for the aroma of tea leaves and a rich milk flavor. It typically uses black or oolong tea as a base, adding an appropriate amount of milk and syrup to create a rich and sweet taste.



Traditional Fruit Juices

  1. Mango Smoothie – Summer is the season for mangoes, and Taiwan is famous for its sweet and juicy mangoes. Mango smoothie is a beverage primarily made from fresh mango, blended with ice and milk, presenting a silky texture and the natural sweetness of mango.

  2. Fruit Tea – Fruit tea is a beverage that combines fresh fruits with tea, merging the fragrance of tea with the sweetness of fruits. This drink offers various flavor options such as strawberry tea, lemon tea, and blueberry tea, each providing a unique taste and fruity aroma.


Summer has arrived, and Taiwan offers a diverse range of beverages for you to choose from. Whether you prefer classic tea drinks, traditional fruit juices, or innovative flavors, Taiwan’s beverage culture can satisfy your cravings. Let’s savor these delicious beverages together in the scorching summer and enjoy the refreshing moments!

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