What is a Trade Show & Why Trades Shows are Important for International Trading

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Trade Show is a kind of trade promotion activity that mainly displays and sells new products or best products. It integrates the two functions of exhibition and sales. It attracts merchants and manufacturers to meet each other directly for trade negotiations by means of multi-variety, multi-category, and multi-specification commodity exhibitions. The exhibition has a perfect publicity effect and a wide range of influence, which is conducive to promoting and introducing export products to facilitate trade. This exhibition is conducive to collecting market information and conducting market research, so as to more effectively grasp the market dynamics, find out the gap by listening to the opinions of foreign customers, continuously improve the export volume and enhance the export competitiveness.

Food trade plays an important role in international trade and is also an important part of foreign trade. Food trade can not only expand export to earn foreign exchange and promote agricultural modernization but also help solve food supply conflicts and alleviate food security problems. While the product structure of international trade has changed, the international trade structure of food has also changed accordingly.

Drinks tend to be diversified, with a sharp increase in fruit juice and health drinks

With the development of the variety of drinks in the world towards diversification, fruit juice, and health drinks are popular in the international market, and the demand is expanding. In particular, the trade of orange juice, apple juice, and natural drinks with health functions will have a broad development prospect.

It is worth noting that the development of the world alcohol trade is also very considerable, especially in recent years, beer, Visa, wine, and other varieties with low alcohol content have the most significant growth rate.

Manufactured food is developing rapidly with strict quality requirements

Manufactured food on the international market tends to be more convenient, diversified, and standardized. From the perspective of the changes in the structure of the world food trade and its development direction, the manufactured food trade accounts for an increasing proportion of the whole food trade. It is worth noting that with the strengthening of environmental awareness of people in various countries, the requirements for food quality and safety are becoming increasingly strict.

With the development of the economy, the high tariff barriers around the world have been greatly weakened, and the proportion of food trade in international trade has become larger and larger. In addition, with the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, the internationalization of domestic trade and the localization of international trade has basically taken shape, and the supporting logistics technology level of information, transportation, warehousing, inventory, handling, and packaging has also been greatly improved. The international trade of food has ushered in new opportunities and challenges.