Taste of home! 10 Classic Taiwanese Snacks That Travelers Miss Most

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Any wandering children who leave their hometown must be very homesick. They miss their relatives and friends in Taiwan and the delicious food in Taiwan. As long as they eat the familiar hometown flavor, it is like being able to arrive in Taiwan in a second. If you want to give gifts to relatives and friends who go overseas, or if you want to go overseas for a long time, do you know what Taiwanese cuisine you can prepare? This article specially sorts out 10 Taiwan cuisines that overseas travelers are most eager to eat in a foreign land.

10. Alcohol
There are all kinds of wines produced all over the world, but Taiwan’s beer is also particularly unique. For decades, Taiwan beer has been Taiwan’s best-selling beer. Every bite can taste the refreshing and smooth feeling of the upper layer, and the rich and strong wheat flavor of the lower layer.

Gold medal Taiwan Beer

9. Cakes
Pineapple crisp is the most famous Taiwan specialty gift. Pineapple, in Fujian dialect, is’ ong Lai ‘, which sounds similar to “Wanglai” = the upcoming wealth. Later, it became a popular symbol of wealth and prosperity. The pineapple sauce with crispy skin and rich stuffing inside, and a beautiful dessert during afternoon tea time.

Youbin small pineapple crisp

8. Cakes
Sachima is a traditional cake in Taiwan. It is made of fried dough dipped with syrup. The perfect combination of immortality sweet and non sticky teeth symbolizes the happiness and delicious taste of every bite. In addition, the packaging of Sachima is very small and simple, which can satisfy your appetite anytime, anywhere. A piece of Sachima is enough to keep you away from hunger

Black sugar ShaQima

7. Snacks
Dried meat is a classic leisure snack in Taiwan. It is made of selected pork in Taiwan. The packaging is simple, practical and more convenient. The salty smell of dried meat overflows when you open the packaging, and it becomes addictive immediately after you pound the taste buds! The taste is crisp, one mouthful after another, and it is also a good partner when chasing dramas and working!

Thick sliced meat with black pepper

6. Snacks
Taiwan fresh shredded squid is the best snack to experience Asian flavor! Carefully selected fresh squid is processed through strict quality control. It is dried and cut into smooth squid shreds. With chewy taste and delicious seafood taste, it is one of the most perfect choices to enjoy with beer when watching TV, traveling or any other leisure activities!

Raw shredded squid

5. Cookies
Salted egg yolk cake is also one of Taiwan’s classic snacks. It has a mellow and crisp taste, layers of overlapping cake bodies, multi-level Wheat Baking aroma, charming salty salted egg yolk soft into the dough, thick salted egg yolk fragrance, salty but not greasy, teeth and cheeks fragrance, which is a good taste after taste again and again. At present, some brands of salted egg yolk cakes are packed in boxes with large portions, and some are packaged separately for each piece, which is convenient to carry, and you can enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere.

Snow love salted egg yolk cake

4. Cookies
Nougat biscuits are also the delicious memories of Taiwanese people when they were young. The salty chives cake, together with a special nougat filling, is a very delicious combination with a crisp taste and a fragrant sandwich. The sweet and salty taste, coupled with the sticky nougat filling, chews constantly and emits milk fragrance

Qiaoxin soda nougat cookies

3. Noodles
Pasta is also one of Taiwan’s classic snacks, especially after continuous innovation and improvement, the special wine flavored noodles, combined with the unique sesame flavor of sesame paste and black sesame seeds, combined with the traditional sunburned wide flat noodles without preservatives, have a mellow taste, the noodles have strong teeth, accompanied by the special sesame fragrance, the aroma is compelling, and the taste is endless.

Boiled noodles with salt yeast and sesame

2. Instant noodles
Instant noodles are also one of Taiwan’s top delicacies, such as sesame chicken noodles, flower carved chicken noodles, beef noodles, and three cups of chicken noodles. All of them can become instant noodles and can be easily cooked. Especially for tourists who go abroad, it is not easy to eat a bowl of authentic sesame chicken noodles or flower carved chicken noodles, so instant noodles come in handy. Just pour hot water and add conditioning bags (usually containing real meat pieces), You can instantly enjoy the perfect sesame oil chicken noodles or three cups of chicken noodles in 3 minutes!

Taiwan wine bag noodles – sesame oil chicken noodles

1. Beverages
Taiwan is recognized as a beverage controlling nation in the world. According to the statistics of the Ministry of economic affairs, the average person drinks 44 cups of hand-held tea every year! The world-famous Taiwan pearl milk tea is also one of the most distinctive drinks in Taiwan, but few hand-held beverage stores overseas. Now Taiwan brands also launch brewed milk tea, which is convenient and delicious, so that you can taste the flavor of hometown when you go abroad.

Ruby black tea brewed pearl milk tea