How to make pearls for pearl milk tea?

Pearls for pearl milk tea are primarily made with brown sugar. The preparation method is as follows:


  • 200g brown sugar
  • 100g water
  • 200g tapioca starch

Cooking method:

  1. Put brown sugar and water in a pot, slowly melt the brown sugar over medium heat, stirring until completely dissolved, forming brown sugar syrup.
  2. Once the brown sugar syrup has cooled slightly, gradually add tapioca starch while stirring continuously.
  3. During the stirring process, slowly add water, continuing to stir until a uniform and sticky pearl-like substance is formed.
  4. Take out the pearl-like substance, place it on a table sprinkled with tapioca starch, add some tapioca starch on the surface, and knead it into a strip.
  5. Cut the strip of pearls into small pieces, each about 0.5 cm in size.
  6. Put the cut pearls into boiling water and cook for about 20 minutes until the center of the pearls is cooked and soft.
  7. Remove the cooked pearls from the water, rinse with clean water to stop the cooking process.
  8. Place the pearls in cold water to cool and rinse with clean water to prevent them from sticking together.
  9. Once the pearls are ready, you can directly add them to your favorite milk tea to make delicious pearl milk tea.

The process seems quite intricate!

This is also why in Taiwan, you’ll see people holding a cup of pearl milk tea on every street corner, but you won’t find many making it at home.

Let’s take a look at the description above:

In the part about the preparation method, you still need to buy these ingredients, measure the proportions, and after all that effort, you might not even want to drink it anymore. If the preparation goes wrong, it could be even worse – all the effort wasted.


Delicious pearl milk tea Delicious pearl milk tea For a drink, it needs to be instant. Unfortunately, pearls can’t be prepared in advance and left to sit while you make the tea. They generally can’t be kept for long, and most shops have a set time for how long pearls can be displayed to maintain their texture. It’s better to discard and cook a new batch if they’ve been out too long!

But if you really want to have it anytime, and you want to be eco-friendly by using your own cup, there are actually pearl milk tea on-the-go packs invented by entrepreneurs!

Not only are the pearls vacuum-sealed for instant enjoyment, but the milk tea part is also pre-mixed in golden proportions. If you want it sweeter, add your own brown sugar; if you want it lighter, add water. If you want real fresh milk, add fresh milk!

Whether you’re a restaurant or an individual who wants to offer instant pearl milk tea to customers, you don’t need to learn the art of making pearls and blending milk. Just purchase pearl milk tea on-the-go packs and you’re good to go!

Sweetness level, amount of pearls – everything is preset for you. No refrigeration required, easy storage. It’s the perfect companion for restaurants looking to offer beverages or for individuals at home who want a convenient drink!

I often look at recipes and think about making mapo tofu or Sichuan spicy fish myself. However, just preparing the ingredients takes so much time. I’ve had a friend cook pearl milk tea for us abroad before, but even good quality pearls need to be cooked properly. Knowing if they’re cooked enough or too much is tricky. And what about the milk tea?

Do you think it’s just a regular milk paired with regular tea? Drinking it feels totally off!

It seems like something produced in a central factory is the only thing that tastes right!

So, when we were abroad, we managed to get our hands on the pearl milk tea powder from a bubble tea shop through a friend.

Following the proportions written on the packaging, we mixed it ourselves.

Taking a sip, it truly tasted like bubble tea from a bubble tea shop!

Enjoying authentic pearl milk tea abroad gave us an indescribable feeling of joy!

Because that’s the taste of bubble tea we’re familiar with in Taiwan, perfectly replicated!

While anyone can cook, when the taste differs from what you’re used to, it just doesn’t feel right.

Now, with the latest food packaging technology, vacuum-sealed pearls and milk tea powder supplied by the original manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about whether the pearls are cooked or overcooked, and you don’t have to worry about proportions for the milk tea.

Simply follow the instructions on the packaging, and you can enjoy a superb cup of pearl milk tea that instantly transports you to Taiwan!

If you’re interested in bulk ordering pearl milk tea on-the-go packs for sale in your country, feel free to contact us.