2023Summer-Taiwan Beer Tram advertising in HK

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Illuminate the Summer in Hong Kong Island! The new glowing tram teams up with Taiwan Beer to infuse the city with the charm of beer culture!

In the scorching summer, the streets of Hong Kong Island will be illuminated by the new glowing tram advertisements! This eye-catching event showcases three series of beers: Taiwan Beer, Sweet Touch, and Fruit Beer, presenting the vibrant charm of Taiwan’s beer culture in a brand-new visual feast for both citizens and tourists.

The new glowing tram will cruise along the streets of Hong Kong Island, becoming the brightest star of this summer. It not only utilizes cutting-edge lighting technology to create a dazzling radiance on the entire tram body but also showcases the brand image of Taiwan Beer in all its splendor.


In this dazzling event, Taiwan Beer brings its long-standing brewing craftsmanship and classic flavor to the forefront. The iconic beers of the brand will vividly appear on the tram’s body, allowing citizens and tourists to savor not only the taste but also the heritage and exquisite craftsmanship of Taiwan Beer.

The Sweet Touch series of beers, with its refreshing and extraordinary style, adds a touch of light-hearted joy to this summer. The Fruit Beer series is equally exceptional, presenting a variety of enticing fruit-infused beer flavors that lead the market in the trend of beer tasting.

This new glowing beer advertisement tram will become the highlight of the scorching summer, guiding citizens and tourists to explore the infinite charm of beer. Let us eagerly anticipate this dazzling summer event and together illuminate Hong Kong with the essence of Taiwan Beer.