Foreigners love this taste, and the most popular Taiwanese souvenir

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Taiwan has a lot of souvenirs, but what famous products do foreigners like? Curator specially sorted out the souvenir that Taiwan must buy in 2022! Not only do Taiwanese love it, but also friends from other countries praise it. Next time you are asked by foreigners to buy a Taiwan souvenir or to give a gift to a foreign friend, in addition to the famous pineapple crisp, you can also recommend other eight good souvenirs! It will amaze the other party

1.Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake is a famous dessert in Taiwan. The main raw materials are flour, cream, sugar, eggs, wax gourd, and pineapple sauce. The outer skin is soft and crisp, and the filling is sweet and sour. It not only catches the taste buds of Taiwanese but also is the favorite souvenir of foreigners. Because the Taiwanese homophonic of pineapple is “Wanglai”, which means auspicious prosperity, it is often regarded as one of the best gifts for customers, relatives, and friends during the festival. The early pineapple cakes were too large for ordinary people to afford. Later, after being improved by Mr. Yan Ping, the pineapple cakes were reduced to a delicate small cakes of about 25 to 100 grams each, and the pineapple cake was born from then on.

2.Taro pastry

Taro pastry is a traditional pastry in Taiwan. The reason why it is popular with foreigners is that there are few taro-related foods in other countries. Therefore, many foreigners fall in love with taro after tasting it. With its novel taste and cute gift style, it is a highly recommended gift product in Taiwan!

3.Taiwanese egg roll

Taiwanese egg roll is a snack that many Taiwanese like. With its rich egg milk flavor and crisp taste, it is a Taiwanese souvenir that fascinates foreigners. In recent years, the taste has become more and more innovative. The crispy and thick crust is covered with thick peanut filling and salty meat floss. Some manufacturers have also introduced cute shapes to make the souvenirs more attractive.

4.Dried noodles

In recent years, there has been a trend of dried noodles in Taiwan. Many manufacturers and celebrities have launched their own unique dried noodles. Not only Taiwanese are crazy about it, but also it is popular around the world. It has also become a great souvenir, letting you easily taste Taiwanese special noodles no matter how far abroad you are.

5.Dried fruits and vegetables

Taiwan has a good reputation as a fruit kingdom. It is rich in many fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits cannot be taken abroad. Therefore, many different dried fruits and vegetables have been developed. There are natural without additive dried fruits and vegetables. The most original fresh delicacies are retained. Natural snacks are a favorite souvenir for foreigners in Taiwan.


Nougat is one of the souvenirs that can never be missed when coming to Taiwan. Nougat originated in Italy after it was introduced to Taiwan. After its ingredients were improved, it was made into sweet and chewy Taiwan-style desserts and became a souvenir that must be bought when coming to Taiwan. The fragrant milk flavor is a dessert snack that adults and children are greedy for, and it is also a gift worth recommending to foreigners!

7.Nougat sandwich crackers

Nougat sandwich crackers, as its name implies, are a perfect combination of sweet nougat as the filling and crispy scallion soda biscuits. Soda biscuits are sandwiched with sweet nougat, crispy and slightly salty scallion soda biscuits and moderate soft and hard nougat stir up the salty and sweet taste, making people unconsciously take one bite after another! In addition to the classic scallion flavor, there are other innovative flavors. Coffee nougat sandwich crackers are a must-buy Taiwanese souvenir for Koreans who have traveled to Taiwan in recent years.

8.Taiwan milk tea

Hand-shaken drinks are the most distinctive drinks in Taiwan. In particular, Taiwan’s pearl milk tea is famous. In recent years, the charm of the milk tea has also swept all over the country. Taiwan’s brands have also introduced various kinds of brewed milk tea which are convenient and delicious. It is a classic souvenir recommended for foreigners.

9.Taiwan tea

Taiwan tea is most famous for its semi-fermented Oolong tea and Baozhong tea, but there are also different kinds of green tea and black tea. Taiwan produces tea from the south to the north, from the flat to the high mountains. Different tea regions have shaped their unique characteristics according to different climates and terrain improvements. Taiwan tea became famous internationally 150 years ago. It is also the reason why many foreigners come here, and it is a well-deserved classic souvenir.

10.Taiwan beer

Most foreigners like drinking very much, so Taiwan beer has become a must-drink for tourists coming to Taiwan. Taiwan beer uses selected malt and hops, and the high-quality Penglai rice grown in Taiwan presents a unique beer flavor, which fascinates many foreigners. In recent years, Taiwan Beer has also launched a series of fruit beers, which are highly recommended as souvenirs for foreign tourists.

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