Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake & Tea Powder

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See How Amber Chia,The KOL of Malaysia recommend our Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake And Tea Powder.

Bubble drinks, the most iconic drinks in Taiwan.
Chewy bubbles together with the milk tea, make the pineapple cake filling perfect.
Pineapple, in Hokkien word ‘ong-lai’, sounds similar to the word meaning ‘incoming fortune’.
It becomes a popular symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.
It is a perfect combination of crumbly pastry texture outside, sweet pineapple jam and chewy bubbles inside.
Amber Chia also recommend that tea powder not only for beverages purpose, BUT also for baking purpose!
We all can’t wait for make Tie Guan Yin flavors bread, cake, cookies and waflles!