The 2022 Global Snacks leaderboard, Super tasty Taiwan Snacks are also on the list!

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If you are hungry in the afternoon, would you like snacks and Biscuits to satisfy your cravings? We recommend the top ten delicious snack Biscuits in the world, including Taiwanese snacks! Many unforgettable biscuits and snacks give you fresh choices for your afternoon tea. They can also be snacks or souvenirs for friends and relatives!

Top1. chocolate ganache

Place of Origin:Japan
The taste is mellow and rich, and the taste is better after ice. It melts in the mouth and leaves a lingering fragrance. The special chocolate taste of chocolate ganache is deeply loved by the Japanese. Chocolate ganache is a kind of French Ganache. It is made by adding fresh cream to the chocolate, sprinkling cocoa powder after solidification, and then dicing. The perfect recipe for chocolate ganache, the moisture ratio is about 14-17%, which can maintain the taste and shape at the same time, if it is too wet, the chocolate will not be easy to shape and store, if it is too dry, it will be difficult to maintain the taste and slippery.

TOP2. Macaron

Place of Origin:France
Macaron is a world-renowned French dessert, and many people from all over the world come here admiringly. Also known as a girl’s crispy breasts, the outer shell is hard but fragile, the filling is sticky and solid, and the taste is wonderful. It is based on egg whites, powdered sugar, and meringue, and there is ganache, cream cheese, or jam between two biscuits. Macarons are characterized by a round shape, flat bottom, frills around the circumference, and crisp taste, and become a signature feature when you enter the mouth; If it is swollen in appearance, raised in the center, soft in taste, and needs chewing, it cannot be regarded as an orthodox Macaron.

TOP3. Butter Biscuits

Place of Origin:HongKong
Among them, the well-known souvenir biscuits in Hong Kong are cookies made of pure butter. The soft and crispy ones that melt in the mouth are fascinating, rich, and crispy, and the calories should not be underestimated. It is recommended that you take out the quantity you want to taste before you enjoy them. Otherwise, it is really easy to eat too much. And the beautiful variety of teddy bear boxes is also the reason why many people buy one box after another. Arguably the most popular biscuit in Hong Kong!

TOP4. Hokkaido famous Chocolate Cookies

Place of Origin:Japan
The famous specialty of Hokkaido, the leader of sandwich biscuits, the fragrant and silky white chocolate sandwich with crispy biscuits, can be said to be the best souvenir for traveling in Hokkaido! Hokkaido’s most representative brand, biscuits, and chocolate made from Hokkaido fresh milk melt in your mouth letting you experience the beauty of kissing!

TOP5.Planet Lollipops

Place of Origin:America
The starry sky lollipop, which is popular all over the world, is handmade, natural, and healthy without additives, and the high-resolution image technology of the eight planets allows you to enjoy the romantic starry sky while eating! Although the taste is relatively ordinary, the super high quality still attracts many people to buy, and it is very suitable for gift-giving snacks.

TOP6. luxurious Chocolate

Place of Origin:America
Select high-quality cocoa beans from Africa and South America, the taste is rich and not too sweet~ the top-notch production technology, lets you feel the luxurious enjoyment of chocolate! The premium products in the chocolate industry, in addition to the high price, also have a high pursuit of quality, each chocolate is also very delicate, the taste is rich and not too sweet, the top-notch production technology, feel the luxury enjoyment from chocolate!

Top7. Japan famous banana cake

Place of Origin:Japan
Rich banana custard cream is hidden in the fluffy sponge cake. It imitates the shape of a banana and is matched with cute patterns. It can be given as a gift or for personal use. It is a must-buy souvenir when you go to Tokyo! There are seven different flavors, and each store has different products. It is recommended to check the store on the official website before purchasing.

Top8. Hokkaido Fries Cookies

Place of Origin:Japan
Made from the finest potatoes from Hokkaido and sea salt from North Alaska in Russia! Non-fried, crispy, low-calorie food with rich potato flavor! The crispy texture and mellow salty taste make people unable to resist eating one after another. This is also the charm of French fries.

Top9. Korean Chocolate brownie

Place of Origin:Korea
Super popular Korean afternoon tea pastry! Added about 52% cocoa, rich chocolate flavor, hard on the outside and soft on the inside, solid taste, you can also eat chocolate particles, with tea or coffee, it is a perfect afternoon tea.

Top10. Nougat

Place of Origin:Taiwan
Nougat represents peace, sweetness, and eternity. After it was introduced to Taiwan, milk powder was added as the main raw material, and sugar, cream, egg white, nuts, dried fruits, and petals were added as secondary raw materials, which became the unique feature of Taiwan nougat.

The top ten delicious snacks in the world are recommended to you! So that you can have a pleasant afternoon tea time, in addition to the above snacks, Taiwan also has many different snacks and biscuits that are suitable for watching TV or enjoying leisure time! If you want to know more, please contact Ying Xuan Zhuang. We are committed to promoting all kinds of Taiwanese delicacies throughout Taiwan and selling them all over the world. With complete and high-quality supplier resources and partners, we can provide up to 500 kinds of products to meet the different needs of customers. A professional team, actively expanding overseas bases, is committed to entering independent foreign supermarkets, foreign food wholesalers, foreign chain stores, etc.