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Tram Car Advertising in Tiger year

Hong Kong the glamorous symbol of Asia which always is one of our most valuable markets, we attached great importance to the advertisement in this city. Have you seen the below tram cars which shuttle

2022-02-7 ReadMore

Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake & Tea Powder

See How Amber Chia,The KOL of Malaysia recommend our Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake And Tea Powder. Bubble drinks, the most iconic drinks in Taiwan. Chewy bubbles together with the milk tea, make the pinea

2021-12-2 ReadMore
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Tea- A wonderful beverage for our lives

    Drinking tea is one of life’s great pleasures, symbolizing a lifestyle of leisure and enjoyment. Typically, enjoying good includes brewing the tea carefully, smelling its aroma, admiring the color

2021-10-14 ReadMore

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