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The 6 Secrets Behind the Deliciousness of Bubble Milk Tea

Do you think it’s the tea or the pearls that determine the tastiness of bubble milk tea? Personally, I think both are indispensable! Introduction Bubble milk tea has gained popularity worldwide, becom

2024-04-19 ReadMore
如何挑選 合格的食品貿易商?

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How to Choose a Qualified Export Food Trading Company? Here are Five Points to Keep in Mind!

如何挑選合格的食品貿易商? Selecting a Food Export Trading Company Here are five points you must pay attention to: Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the chosen company complies with relevant food safety and quali

2024-03-29 ReadMore

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How to make pearls for pearl milk tea?

Pearls for pearl milk tea are primarily made with brown sugar. The preparation method is as follows: Ingredients: 200g brown sugar 100g water 200g tapioca starch Cooking method: Put brown sugar and wa

2024-03-15 ReadMore

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