How to make instant noodles healthier

When time constraints get the best of us, instant noodle is perfect in every way… except for the health factor. We all know that most ultra-convenient varieties are overly processed for instant noodles, fried in palm oil, and contain sodium- and additive-filled flavor packets. But if when quick comfort is the highest priority, instant noodle is still possible to get in a serving of good nutrition. Let’s see how we can make instant noodle healthier:

  1. Probiotic-friendly kimchi and tofu

Kimchi, a fermented Korean side dish, helps feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut for better digestion.

  1. Soft-boiled eggs with delicious broccoli

Instant noodle enthusiasts know everything’s better with an egg on it. You can cook it fresh or marinate the eggs in Japanese soy sauce for a more seasoned add-in. Eggs together with delicious broccoli, the best combination of instant noodle.

  1. Carrots and protein-packed edamame

Shelled edamame adds pop of color with bonus protein, and carrot does help to make instant noodle visually lavish in colorful way.

  1. Shrimp with vibrant bok choy

Make instant noodle to super yummy seafood noodle with adding the fresh shrimp (or any seafood you like) and stir-fry bok choy.

  1. Stir-fried noodle with vegetables

Drain and toss instant noodle in with colorful vegetables. Pepper sauce with kaoliang liquor make a great flavor combo.

To save time without compromising your health, let’s cook the comfy, homey and quick instant noodles together.