Finding the Right International Trading Company for Your Business: The 8 “Must-Haves”

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Commodities appear because of various needs, desires, and trends of consumers. Every commodity can appear in daily life, and behind it is the blood and sweat of countless people. It is the responsibility of the trading company to make these commodities visible to more people. where.

The main work of a trading company is product management and product marketing. The former belongs to the area that B2B brands focus on. Since it is sold to other companies, there must be requirements on product management. The latter belongs to B2C brands. Block, because the product is sold directly to consumers, so the marketing method must be eye-catching, so that consumers are willing to try this product.

The completion of a product must go through layers of consideration and research, investing a lot of time, energy, and manpower, from market analysis, product positioning, product development, packaging design, mass production introduction, advertising marketing to final product sales, while trading companies It is to gather resources and allocate them effectively, seek the assistance of the right people at the right time, and ferment and even shine the products in the market. As for how to choose a brand agency trading company in this vast sea, let’s take a look The following 8 key points!

8 key points for choosing a trading company
1. Understand the core spirit and positioning of your own brand: You can first understand the relevant brands that the trading company has represented in the past to see the core spirit of their brand and whether their marketing methods are in accordance with the core spirit of the brand. Direction
2. product planning: A good trading company needs to formulate a detailed planning process for products. Such capabilities may not be seen in the early selection, but you can also look at past cases first, whether they are in the “product design” section. Pay attention to the quality and time planning of “suppliers”
3. Time planning: products can be listed on schedule, relying on the control of the time of each link, so you can contact the trading company in the early stage to see from the side that the company is in time management Whether it can be mastered, including the most basic literacy (not being late, attending early, going to appointments on time, etc.)

4.Domain knowledge: Must have professional knowledge in related fields, such as food trading companies, must be familiar with food safety, regulations, food packaging trends, etc. Etc., if it is international trade, you must also have a good understanding of the import and export regulations and food safety of various countries, so that you can communicate smoothly in every link.
5.Resource allocation: No company can provide unlimited resources and budgets. Therefore, trading companies must have the ability to allocate resources. This part can be understood from the company’s scale and operating time.
6.Communication and coordination: trading companies need to correspond to each stage. People, things and things are different. Only good communication can help the development of the brand, and good communication can also ensure that the trading company can maximize the understanding of the core concept of the brand. This part can also be seen when looking for a trading company in the early stage. Contact, good contact and communication, although it does not guarantee smooth follow-up communication, but it is a good start.

7.High pressure resistance: This skill is important for brands. Trading companies with high pressure resistance represent them for each item. The product has high persistence and will not be defeated by the difficulties encountered in any link, but has the courage to face the problem and solve the problem. This skill can be learned from the cooperation time between the brand and this trading company in the past. Look, the longer the cooperation, the more trust the brand trusts.
8.Review after the fact: When choosing a trading company, you will definitely shop around, so after each contact, you need to make a review after the fact, so that you can choose the most suitable brand for you by reviewing back and forth. trading company