How to brew oolong tea properly?

 6 steps to make perfect oolong tea

Taiwanese tea is very famous, but lots of people don’t know how to brew the tea properly, so they couldn’t enjoy the best taste and aroma of the tea. How to brew oolong tea properly? Here’s 6 step of brewing oolong tea, follow the steps and get the best tea to enjoy your tea time.

1.Choose your tea set:

For most tea drinkers, a ceramic teapot and cup will provide a good experience. The choice of the tea set will not make a huge difference in the end result of the tea. But, it will at least make it look pretty and pleasant. Besides of ceramic tea set, tea set which made of glass and other thermal stability material are also suit for brewing tea.

Tea set made of glass, ceramic, or other thermal stability material are suit for brewing tea

2.Prepare Tea leaves:

We recommend brewing oolong tea using loose leaves to develop the proper oolong flavors. There are so many varieties of loose leaf oolong tea and the amount depends on personal preference. So, for starters, try the given amount of tea for every 6 ounces (180 mL) of water:

  • If the leaves are in the shape of wiry strips, put in 1¼ to 2 Tbsp (18–30 mL).
  • In case the leaves are in the shape of balls, put in 2 tsp (10 mL).

How much tea leaves to use is also depends on the type of tea. Such as oolong, tea leaves of oolong which has been twisted much tighter, so you can use less tea leaves when you brew oolong, let the tea leaves stretch in the teapot and let the aroma spread out.

How much tea leaves to use depends on the type of tea

3.Prepare water: 

It’s probably the best to choose spring, filtered and fresh water as it will keep the good taste. The ideal temperature for brewing oolong tea is 185–205ºF (85–96ºC). This boiling temperature won’t break down oolong tea’s aromatic chemicals. In case your kettle doesn’t have a temperature button, simply remove the water from heat when bubbles start to appear. Another option is to heat the water to boil and then let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool down. 

And don’t brew the tea leaves for too long, how long to brew also depends on the tea leaves. New or old tea leaves, degree of roasted will affect the time you brew.

Water is also an important part of how to brew oolong tea

4.Rinse the tea with a little hot water.

A great trick to get the best possible tea taste is to rinse the tea leaves before steeping. Simply pour some hot water over the leaves and then spill the water without loosing any tea leaves. This will open up the cellular structure of the oolong tea leaves and wash away impurities.

Rinse the tea with hot water, this step can also get rid of impurities

5.Fill the container and let steep.

So, after you rinse the tea, pour hot water in the container and let it steep. You can steep your tea for about two to five minutes. Of course, this depends on how concentrated you would like your tea to be. 

Fill the container and let steep for two to five minutes

6.Enjoy the tea.

Finally, this is how to brew oolong tea. Appreciate the aroma and bright color of the tea, drink by taking small sips that allow to fully enjoy the taste and qualities of the tea. A piece of pineapple cake makes your tea time perfect. 

Enjoy the tea and get a piece of pineapple cake, they will make your tea time perfect

About how to brew oolong tea properly, these are the answer. There are many details of brewing tea, only if you focus on the details, you can get the best taste of tea.


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