2022 Super popular recommendation of Taiwan’s top ten must-eat Biscuits!

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Snacks are our good partners in many situations in life. Whether it is afternoon tea or hungry in the middle of the night, these snack biscuits will be your best choice. The following are the top 10 most popular Taiwanese snacks in 2022 for you! Come on Let’s take a look at those biscuit snacks on the list!

1. Taiwanese egg roll

Taiwanese egg roll is a snack that many Taiwanese like. With its rich egg milk flavor and crisp taste, it is a Taiwanese souvenir that fascinates foreigners. In recent years, the taste has become more and more innovative. The crispy and thick crust is covered with thick peanut filling and salty meat floss. Some manufacturers have also introduced cute shapes to make the souvenirs more attractive.

2.Mixed Nuts

Comprehensive nuts with rich nutritional value, natural and no burden, let people take one bite after another, and can also be eaten with milk, oatmeal, etc. for breakfast, it can be said to be a snack with a very high CP value.

3. Dried Fruits

Taiwan has a good reputation as a fruit kingdom. It is rich in many fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, many different dried fruits and vegetables have been developed. There are natural without additive dried fruits . The most original fresh delicacies are retained. Natural snacks are definitely the best snack choice for losing weight or satisfying cravings in the middle of the night.

4. Dried Shredded Squid

Shredded squid is one of the snacks that often appear in Taiwanese families. It is the most delicious choice to enjoy with beer when watching TV, traveling, or doing any leisure activities. Fresh squid is processed through strict quality control. With its chewy texture and delicious seafood taste, it is one of the most delicious Asian-inspired snacks.

5.Konjac Jelly

Jelly is one of the most popular snacks for children, and it is also the most popular snack in summer. It is suitable for room temperature, refrigeration, and freezing. Most of the jelly flavors are either juice or fruit flavors, especially now that many jelly brands mainly use fresh fruit juice to make them. As one of the ingredients of jelly, it tastes healthy and satisfying.


Jerky is the best option for leisure snacks in Taiwan. It is made from selected high-quality pork and processed through strict quality control. After years of improvement and research, the jerky brand has launched a variety of jerky sizes and packages, including large pieces. There are also strips of jerky the size of jerky that can be eaten in one bite. On the packaging, there are also convenient and practical packaging products that use zipper bags

7.Crispy Chicken Skin

Chicken skin biscuits are freshly fried with 100% pure chicken skin. It is very suitable as an appetizer. If you want to eat salty crispy chicken in the middle of the night, you don’t have to go out. Just buy a few packs and keep them at home! It is a popular snack in the fried food shop. Remove excess fat, crispy and salty, and let people take one bite after another.

8.soda cracker

Soda cracker is a classic among the classics, and the taste of seaweed is even more crispy and irresistible. In addition to the unique biscuit formula, with the strict selection of seaweed and the sprinkling of fresh green onions, the fresh dual taste is mixed and matched, refreshing and crispy, which is the endless aftertaste. It is a popular product in various channels, and the most natural soda cracker present the natural flavor of the ingredients themselves.

9.Spicy Thick-Cut Potato Chips

Thick-cut potato chips have a more crispy and solid taste than ordinary sliced potato chips. With each crisp sound of a bite, the strong spicy feeling will penetrate the nerves of the whole body, which is not only refreshing but also unsatisfactory.

10.Chocolate Chips

Thick and solid round biscuit, which combines rich dark cocoa shortbread with milk chocolate. It has the bitterness of dark chocolate and the sweetness of milk chocolate. The almond fragments are interspersed in it, making simple chocolate snacks more fragrant with nuts, and bringing ultimate multi-level enjoyment.

The top ten must-eat snack biscuits in Taiwan are recommended to you! Let you have a pleasant leisure time, in addition to the above snacks, Taiwan also has many different snacks and biscuits that are suitable for watching TV or enjoying leisure time! If you want to know more, please contact Ying Xuan Zhuang. We are committed to promoting all kinds of Taiwanese delicacies throughout Taiwan and selling them all over the world. With complete and high-quality supplier resources and partners, we can provide up to 500 kinds of products to meet the different needs of customers. A professional team, actively expanding overseas bases, is committed to entering independent foreign supermarkets, foreign food wholesalers, foreign chain stores, etc.