Taiwanese snacks missed by Hong Kong and Macao – Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice

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The once beautiful night market in Taiwan has been seriously affected by the epidemic, and many classic snacks have gradually disappeared…
Because of the impact of the epidemic, how long has it been since I went to the night market and ate a lot?

In order to allow everyone to enjoy classic snacks safely at home, Taiwanese brand owner “Qin” reproduces classic night market snacks! You can eat the super popular night market snack “Dachangbao Xiaochang” at home! Break through consumers’ imagination of large intestine and small intestine, and let the public go to the night market in one second to relieve their worries

Large sausages and small sausages can be seen everywhere in Taiwan night markets, such as Kaohsiung Liuhe International Tourist Night Market stalls. With sharp knife skills and ingenuity, they carve sausages into a shape like a hedgehog, and match them with Taiwan-shaped plates to present Taiwanese culture in their dishes. It is very vivid and is deeply loved by international tourists.

Small intestine with large intestine and small intestine is a Taiwanese snack food, commonly known as Taiwanese hot dog. It originated from the dim sum of Hakka people in Hualien, Taiwan when they went out to work. It became popular in Taiwan night markets in the 1990s and has now become a common food in Taiwan. In many scenic spots, there are often small vendors who play dice with customers, so there is a saying that “black has no intestines, white has no intestines, and the large intestine wraps the small intestine”. The large intestine and the small intestine are similar to American hot dogs.

The sausage and the glutinous rice sausage made in the ancient way are super delicious, and it is more refreshing with cucumber/cilantro. Multi-layered taste, let you relive the nostalgic memories of Taiwan’s hometown