Ground powder tea is different from instant tea powder

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History of Tea Culture in Taiwan

The tea habit in Taiwan can be traced back to the 17th century AD. At that time, the locals in Taiwan already had the habit of picking wild camellias to make tea. However, the real prosperity of tea in Taiwan was mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. Tea seedlings and technology were introduced from Fujian and tea production and production began in northern Taiwan. In the middle of the 19th century, tea merchants from England first sold Taiwanese oolong tea overseas and achieved success and reputation. This officially began the history of Taiwan’s tea production, mainly exported for over a hundred years.

As Taiwan’s economy takes off, people have new pursuits for life and food, so “tea art houses” have been established in various places, becoming an important space for people to enjoy tea in their leisure life. The bubble milk tea was invented in 1980. It is not only popular in the streets of Taiwan, but also popular in Hong Kong, mainland China, North America, and even Europe. It makes tea drinks popular among all ages in the modern era of packaging drinks and chain cafes.

As the tea-drinking culture became popular around the world, many people began to feel annoyed by the cumbersome traditional tea making, so commercial tea bags and instant tea also began to be invented. Modern people pay attention to efficiency and convenience in drinking tea and do not want to waste time and action brewing tea and dumping tea dregs, so tea bags and tea powder have also become popular in the world.

What is tea powder?

Tea powder, as the name suggests, is grinding tea leaves into powder through a machine. Compared with tea leaves, tea powder is ground into powder, so it can show the rich taste of tea and the color is more obvious. Tea powder can be used in a wide range of applications, such as dishes, baking, desserts, drinks, and ice products can be added to make changes. Tea powder is like a condiment, which can add the aroma and unique flavor of tea to various foods, making every dish and dessert colorful.

The difference between ground tea powder and instant tea powder

With the popularity of tea drinking culture, different tea products have been invented one after another, and brewed tea drinks that are convenient for consumers have also become popular. Have you ever noticed that there are different labels on the tea leaves in the ingredient labels of commercially available brewed tea drinks? There are two types of ground tea powder and instant tea powder, and what is the difference between the two?

ground tea powder

Grinding tea powder is directly grinding the tea leaves into powder without extraction or filtration, so the flavor and aroma of the tea leaves are preserved, and the original fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins of the tea leaves are almost completely absorbed when eaten. The taste of ground tea powder comes from the flavor of the tea raw material itself, so using high-quality tea leaves to grind the flavor and aroma of the tea powder will be relatively better.

instant tea powder

Instant tea powder is to extract the tea leaves first, and then use the spray drying method or freeze low-temperature vacuum drying method to make the extract into instant powder. This process will cause a large loss of the flavor and beneficial substances of the tea, and it usually requires sugar or other spices to increase its flavor.

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