Taiwan Beer

Product Description

Classical Flavor From The Finest and High Quality Ingredients

Over decades, Taiwan Beer has been the best selling beer in Taiwan, and receiving love from all over the world!

The refreshing lager beer is now combined with sweet longan honey!

A lager beer with ultimate premium taste, clear golden color and nutty crisp aroma


Made of finely selected malt and hops, combined with the high quality ponlai rice grown in Taiwan

Made of finely selected European high quality malt combined with Germany ALE yeast

The golden honey is collected from longan flowers in the early summer

Made of finely selected 100% Munich whole malt, brewed in low temperature

With 4.5% alcohol content, it is devoted to the classical flavor that suits European taste buds

Distinctive flavor lager beer with 5% alcohol content

With 5% alcohol content, it has a delicate smooth taste, bringing out malt aroma from the golden wheat field

With 4.5% alcohol content, it is a refreshing fusion of the delicate bubbly beer followed by sweet honey aftertaste in every gulp

Internationally Loved, Internationally Appreciated!

In any occasions, Classic Taiwan Beer is the best choice to complete your dinner

For proudly represents Taiwan, cheers!

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Taiwan Weissbier after the hearty dinner

Taiwan Honey Beer is the perfect choice to calm you down in the midst of hot summer

After a busy day, reward yourself with the rich and smooth taste of the all-malt Taiwan Beer PREMIUM

Taiwan Beer has received award on International Monde Selection 2017


MOQ: 200 cartons


Lead Time: 30 days

Packaging: Can

Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen warning: This product contains cereal


Taiwan Beer Gold Medal Taiwan Beer PREMIUM
Honey Flavor Beer Wheat Beer

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