Instant Bubble Tea

Instant Bubble Tea

  • Specification3 bags/box (40g Bubble Tea Powder + 50g Bubbles)
  • Shelf Life24 months
  • Measurement33.5*39*43.5 cm
  • CategoryDrinks
  • TagTea

Product Description

When it comes to Taiwan’s national drink, “Pearl Milk Tea” is definitely a well-deserved, rich milky fragrance with chewy pearls. This perfect combination is not only popular all over Taiwan, but also all around the world, creating a whirlwind of rare instant bubble milk tea internationally.

instant bubble tea:two flavors

In order to let Taiwanese living in a foreign country can taste the taste of their hometown at any time even if they go abroad, so we have developed a Instant Bubble Milk Tea that can be easily enjoyed at home. Chewy Pearls are included, you can easily enjoy the best precious instant bubble tea in three minutes.

Selected Ingredients

In order to restore the freshly brewed bubble tea, our Instant Bubble Milk Tea is made of top-quality tea leaves, which not only retains the original flavor of the tea, but also perfectly combines the rich milk fragrance to create a multi-layered delicious taste.

instant bubble tea:selected ingredients

The room temperature pearl package are processed through multi-processing, no preservatives are added. Pearl milk tea lovers can enjoy the delicious taste without burden. There are two flavors available: Original Oolong Pearl Milk Tea and Ruby Black Pearl Milk Tea, which are specially formulated for you.


instant bubble tea:cooking advice

A: Professional Brewing Microwave Method

  1. Tear open the instant bubble tea powder packet and pour it into a cup, add about 50c.c. warm water and stir well.
  2.  Hot drink brewing: add 200c.c. hot water; cold drink brewing: add 200c.c. ice water and ice cubes.
  3.  Tear off a part of the room temperature pearl bag and microwave for 15 to 20 seconds.
  4. Adding pearls to the brewed instant bubble tea and it is ready to enjoy after stirring

instant bubble tea:cooking advice

B: Lazy Brewing Hot Water Method

  1. Pour the room temperature pearl package into the special cup, add 150c.c. of boiling hot water, stir well and let it stand for 2~3 minutes.
  2. Hot drink brewing: add 100c.c. hot water; add 100c.c. ice cubes
  3. Pour the instant bubble tea powder into the cup, stir and it is ready to drink.

*Friendly Reminder: It is recommended to use a special cup/thermos cup/double-layer cup for brewing, which can help to soften the pearls.


Instant Bubble Milk Tea Product Specification

Taiwanese Food Wholesaler – 櫻軒庄國際企業有限公司 Ying Xuan Zhuang International Enterprise Co., Ltd. launched the “Instant Bubble Milk Tea“. 3 packs/box, including 40 grams of milk tea powder and 50 grams of pearls. The shelf life is 24 months. It is a must-have hometown flavor when living abroad for a long time, and it is also the first choice for foreign tourists.

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instant bubble tea:oolong milk tea

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