Wasabi cracker & garlic cracker

Product Description

Discover the irresistible crispy scallion taste in every mini bites that will blow your mind!

Each 152g bag comes with 4 small packs of 38g crispy crackers, perfect portion to be shared with your loved ones

MOQ: 152g x 1 carton; 25g x 100 carton


Lead Time: 21-30 days

Packaging: Bag

Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen warning: This product contains gluten, wheat and sesame


our Sweet Mountain garlic flavor biscuits at any time, like during traveling, fishing or afternoon tea.
You can eat with tea or coffee to better enjoy.
You can also crush them into small powder and add into your favorite deep fried bread recipe.


Garlic(25 g small package)

Pepper(25 g small package)

Wasabi(25 g small package)

Scallion Flavor(25 g small package)

Garlic(152 g)

Pepper(152 g)

Wasabi(152 g)

Scallion Flavor(152 g)

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