Introduction to the import and export advantages of food in Ying Xuan Zhuang

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關於我們-最齊全的台灣味,盡在櫻軒庄The complete taste of Taiwan lies in Ying Xuan Zhuang

Ying Xuan Zhuang Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in food agent export trade. As a Asian food Wholesale and Oriental Food Distributor from Taiwan, we are committed to promoting and selling all kinds of Taiwanese cuisines to every corner of the world. Over the years, we have accumulated comprehensive and high-quality supplier resources, and can provide up to 500 kinds of products to meet the different demands of our customers. In order to promote Taiwanese food brands overseas, we have a professional team , actively expand overseas bases, and are committed to entering independent foreign countries Supermarkets , foreign food wholesalers, foreign chain stores, etc. We are actively expanding our overseas business ,and provides the most comprehensive and diversified customized services for upstream manufacturers, not only in commodity sales, but also in creating manufacturers, distributors and Win-win for consumers and become the most trustworthy business partner of customers.. Ying Xuan Zhuang has become the most trusted business partner for our clients.


Since its establishment, Ying Xuan has had customers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries. We are committed to expanding the oriental food distributor, agency and wholesale business in the Hong Kong/Macau region. With many years of familiarity and sensitivity in Taiwan’s food market, we have successfully laid a solid foundation in the Hong Kong and Macao markets. In the Hong Kong and Macau markets, our products have successfully entered the following major supermarkets/mass retailers in Hong Kong: Wellcome, 7-ELEVEN, ParknShop, Best Mart 360, etc.


Four core majors

Rich international experience

Thirty years of international trade experience

Customers across Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania

LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipping services

Annual export quantity of 150 containers (40’HQ) or more

Provide labeling services that comply with local regulations on imported food

Good channel and supplier relations

Professional OEM/ODM operation capabilities

Develop new products/customize products

Comprehensive product information

Detailed inspection reports

Channel management and marketing services

Global market exposure for Taiwanese brands

Localized advertising and marketing

Marketing channels management

Market planning



Professional brand agency

Exclusive oriental food distributor for Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation in Hong Kong and Macau

Ying Xuan is also wholesale asian food distributors for: Chung Hsiang Food, Wei Lih Food, Taiwan Farm Industry, Bond Bio Tech, Ponto Taiwan, Huang Guang, Liuh Der Foods, Chun Feng,

Business items include 500 kinds of dry goods, alcoholic drinks, and frozen products


Provide food inspection reports

Comply with applying

for any import documents

We are constantly aligned with all kinds of domestic food factories to grasp the latest product information first-hand. With the experience of exporting food agents to more than ten countries in the world, we understand the import regulations of each country. With the support of our professional business team, we can effectively shorten the delivery time to achieve the goal of rapid delivery.


Consolidate many customer products

to a single container for shipping

According to customer needs, we consolidate goods to flexibly arrange the consolidation and shipment. Provide labels and labeling services to meet the food standards of various countries To meet the requirements of food laws and regulations in various countries, we produce standard-compliant food labels as well as labeling services.