American Chinese supermarket: the familiar taste of hometown is here

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Do friends or international students who immigrated to the United States often think that Western-style breakfast is convenient and hassle-free, but sometimes they crave Chinese-style breakfast. Even restaurants in Europe and the United States rarely have Chinese dishes such as knife-cut noodles and beef noodles, but if they have frozen packaging , The beef noodles that have been seasoned, you can easily master the authentic Chinese taste at home, isn’t it amazing!


In fact, it is difficult to buy mushrooms other than mushrooms in European and American supermarkets, and it is also difficult to buy Chinese food materials such as soy sauce and rice. Therefore, Chinese supermarkets are places where people who immigrate to the United States can feel the taste of their hometown, and they are also foreigners. The place to look for Chinese flavors here. Because it needs to be shipped to distant countries such as the United States, more and more manufacturers have introduced frozen vacuum packaging in recent years. Even if you are too lazy to make your own, you can easily taste the flavor of your hometown.

The characteristics of the Chinese supermarket

I can feel the Chinese atmosphere . Once you enter the Chinese supermarket, you will feel like you are back in Taiwan. The store decoration will be changed to match the traditional festivals. The signs and products will be presented in Chinese. Most of the clerks can speak Chinese, and even the background music is played by Chinese pop songs.


Asian ingredients are abundant and cheap

. The ingredients in Chinese supermarkets range from fresh to frozen. There are also a variety of snacks and beverages. Some products are even available only in Chinese supermarkets, whether it is instant noodles, beef noodles, or beer and snacks. dim sum can be found in Chinese supermarkets.


However, during the epidemic, everyone may be worried about going to the supermarket to buy things, but now many Chinese supermarkets have begun to launch online shopping services in response to the epidemic, and there are also online Chinese supermarkets specializing in online shopping. There are many types (Taiwan wine classic instant noodles series, Snacks, fresh vegetables and fruits) are all available. If you are too lazy to go out or based on the epidemic situation, what can you go to the


Chinese supermarkets to sell?

Let’s share what is exclusive to Chinese supermarkets, that is, things you can’t see in American supermarkets. When you feel homesick, you can go shopping to relieve nostalgia. There are a lot of Taiwanese-flavored things here. Let’s take a look .

fruit & vegetables

Strawberries, dates and other vegetables and leafy vegetables such as water spinach, mainland girls, spinach and other

frozen foods

frozen pancakes, tribute balls, large intestines and small intestines, sausages and other

instant noodles & snacks

Guanmiao noodles, beef noodles, Taiwanese wine noodles, potato chips


After I have eaten American-style food abroad, I may still feel that Chinese food is more delicious, especially when I see familiar food displayed in a familiar display in a foreign supermarket, I will feel very friendly~~