Chinese Pineapple Cake

Chinese Pineapple Cake

  • Specification200 g (8 pieces)*18 packs/box 115 g*24 packs/box (Small Pineapple Cake) 130 g*24 packs/box (Pineapple Fruit Cake) 180g(6 pieces)*12packs/box(Bubble Latte Cake, Bubble Milk Tea Cake, Salted Duck Egg Cake)
  • Shelf Life12 months (Taiwan Pineapple cake, Small Pineapple Cake, Fruit Cake) 8 months (Bubble Latte Cake, Bubble Milk Tea Cake, Salted Duck Egg Cake)
  • Measurement38.8*29.4*28 cm (Taiwan Pineapple Cake) 45*40*12 cm (Small Pineapple Cake) 45*40*12 cm (Pineapple Fruit Cake) 42.12*21.51*24.84cm(Bubble Latte Cake, Bubble Milk Tea Cake, Salted Duck Egg Cake)
  • CategoryTaiwanese Pastry
  • TagPineapple cakes, bubble latte, bubble tea, fruit, palm oil, sugar

Product Description

You will immediately think of Chinese Pineapple Cake once you mention about Taiwanese souvenirs. South-Central area in Taiwan is rich of pineapples, in Fujian dialect “Ong-Lai”, pronunciation is similar to Chinese, “Wang-Lai”, which symbolizing of Coming Wealth.

Chinese Pineapple Cake:Pineapple Chinese Pineapple Cake


In addition of retaining the traditional taste, novel and unique flavors are also introduced. The combination of Taiwan’s most representative pearl drink and the chewy pearl, with milk tea fragrant latte, wrapped in sweet and sour winter melon pineapple filling, creating another tempting flavor, Chinese Pineapple Cake are the favorite snacks not only for locals but tourists. It is also the best choice for gifts. 

Chinese Pineapple Cake:bubble tea

Selected Ingredients

FU Pineapple Cake not only with rich taste that satisfies our taste buds, but also strictly selected all the raw materials. Insists of not adding any artificial additives, with the highest quality of real materials to create a safe and good taste.

We are using local pineapple fruit, after cutting, boiling and other processes to make it full and solid, sour with sweet winter melon pineapple filling, by adding milk tea and latte fusion of unique taste to make sure every bite is the best taste.

Chinese Pineapple Cake Cooking Advice

It s recommended to brew a pot of tea, such as black tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc., sipping tea aroma while tasting the sweet Chinese Pineapple Cake. Adding layers to the texture and enjoy a leisurely tea break at any time.

Chinese Pineapple Cake with tea

Chinese Pineapple Cake Product Specification

Taiwan Food Wholesaler – Ying Xuan Zhuang supplies (Chinese Pineapple Cake), with variety of special flavors including authentic Taiwan Pineapple Cake, fusion of new flavors of bubble milk tea and bubble latte pineapple cake. The minimum order quantity is a box, whether it is for family or as gifts. For purchase, please inquire!

Chinese Pineapple Cake:Bubble Milk、Bubble Latte、Salted Duck Egg

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Chinese pineapple cake Directions

It is even better with Chinese tea to offer you a relaxing afternoon tea!

Chinese pineapple cake Flavor


FUFU Bubble Milk Tea Cake FUFU Bubble Latte Cake FUFU Salted Duck Egg Cake
FUFU Taiwan Pineapple Cake Yeou Bin Pineapple Fruit Cake Yeou Bin Small Pineapple Cake

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