Wasabi Spiced Salted Radish Biscuit

Wasabi Spiced Salted Radish Biscuit

  • Specification100G*12
  • Shelf Life10 months
  • Measurement42.5*24.*13
  • Categorycookies
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Product Description

Every mouthful is tangy and refreshing, making you take one mouthful after another!

Wasabi Spiced Salted Radish Biscuit Made of fresh white radish, natural vegan.

Every bite is an irresistible crispy new taste! It is suitable for sharing with family and friends!

Contents: wheat flour, preserved radish, pepper, mustard powder, sugar, palm oil, salt.

Allergen Information: This product contains gluten-containing grains and their products, and is not suitable for those with allergies.

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