Sweet Potato Chips (Plum Flavor)

Sweet Potato Chips (Plum Flavor)

  • Specification70g*12
  • Shelf Life8 months
  • Measurement50*33*21
  • Categorycookies
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Product Description

Traditional and ancient delicacy, Meihao Ganmei is crispy and mouth-watering, and the refreshing and crispy sweet potato slices are one after another.

Select Sweet potatoes are sliced in proper thickness and cooked at a precise temperature.

Mix Sweet and salty flavor.

Storage method: Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humid storage environment, please finish eating as soon as possible after opening

Contents Ingredients: sweet potato, palm oil, plum powder, powdered sugar


  • Do not place in direct sunlight and humidity
  • After unpacking, please use up as soon as possible to prevent deterioration
  • The date of manufacture and expiry date, and the ingredients of the product are marked on the box

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