FU- Smoked Plum Cake

FU- Smoked Plum Cake

Product Description

Smoked Plum Cake is a popular traditional Taiwanese pastry with smoked and marinated plum as the filling. Fresh plums are typically processed by removing the seeds, drying, or smoking to create a fruit jam. The jam is then mixed with other ingredients and wrapped in a pastry or cookie crust before being baked.

Taiwanese Smoked Plum Cake utilizes the distinct flavor of smoked plums, combined with other ingredients, to create a rich and unique taste experience. It showcases the unique flavor of the smoked plums and provides a delightful sensory experience for the taste buds.

Storage:Keep tightly closed in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, keep in refrigerator after opening to maintain the freshness.

Shelf life:12 months

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