Fried Pork Floss

Fried Pork Floss

  • Specification180g*12can/carton
  • Shelf Life12 months
  • Measurement36.5*28*22.5cm
  • CategoryTaiwan Snack
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Product Description

Made of selected pork meat exclusively from Taiwan farm industry with no preservatives, safe and suitable for all ages

Roasted under strict quality control, results in extra crispy texture, golden color, and premium taste

You can enjoy Fried Pork Floss directly without any cooking process

Fried Pork Floss is also a great partner for your meal! Enjoy it with porridge or rice, it’s totally satisfying

Wanna bake a pork floss bread? Fried Pork Floss is your best choice!
Minimum order quantity: 100 boxes

Shipping method: FCL

Lead time: 30 days

Packaging: Canned

Professional Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen Warning: This product contains soy and wheat products.

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