Black Tea Milk Tea-Instant Boba Kit

Black Tea Milk Tea-Instant Boba Kit

  • Specification6pcs/box (40g milk tea powder + 50g bubble+boba straws)
  • Shelf Life12 months
  • CategoryDrinks
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Product Description

The world-famous Taiwanese bubble milk tea, in a convenient package, allows you to taste the taste of your hometown even when you go abroad.


Professional brewing method (microwave method)

First stir the milk tea powder bag with 50cc warm water evenly
Hot drink: add 200cc of hot water; Cold drink: add 200cc of ice water and ice cubes
Tear the gap of the normal temperature powder round pearl bag slightly and put it in the microwave for 15~20s
Add to the brewed milk tea to become a cup of bubble milk tea

Intimate reminder: use the microwave brewing method to make ice milk tea with the best taste

Lazy brewing method (hot water method)

Pour the bubble round pearl bag at room temperature into a special cup, add 150cc of 100-degree hot water, stir and soak for 2 to 3 minutes.
Pour the milk tea powder packet into the cup and stir evenly
Hot drink: add 100cc hot water; cold drink: add 100cc ice cubes

Intimate reminder: When brewing, please use a special cup/insulation cup/double-layer cup for brewing. The water temperature is enough to soften the pearls. It is not recommended to use ordinary mugs or glasses.

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