Sesame Oil Chicken Instant Noodles

SHELF LIFE:6 months


PRODUCT NAME Sesame Oil Chicken Instant Noodles
SPECIFICATION 211g*12cup/carton
INGREDIENTS Noodle : Wheat Flour, Refined Palm Oil, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Soy Sauce, Thickener, Sesame Oil, Humectant, Acidity Regulator, Flavor Enhancer, Composite Emulsifier, Antioxidant, Color. Sauce Pouch : Water, Chicken, Ginger, Soy Sauce, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Flavor Enhancer, Sugar, Angelica Root Powder, Chuanxiong Rhizome Powder. Seasoning Powder : Flavour Enhancer, Salt, Chicken Flavor Powder, Hydrolysis Soy Protein, Corn Starch, Thickener, Licorice Powder, Ginger Powder, Pepper Powder, Angelica Root Powder, Color, Yeast Extract Powder, Dehydrated Cabbage, Dehydrated Wolfberry Fruit. Seasoning Oil : Sesame Oil, Ginger, Antioxidant. Wine : Michiu
STORAGE Keep in room temperature
ALLERGEN WARNING This product contains cereals containing gluten, soybean, nut products
SHELF LIFE 6 months



Popular Instant Noodles with Rice Wine and Sesame Oil

Taiwan popular instant noodles using Michiu (Chinese cooking rice wine) and the fragrant sesame oil


What’s Inside the Cup

Each cup contains:

  • Instant Noodles
  • Seasoning Powder Sachet
  • Seasoning Paste Sachet, containing Sesame Oil
  • Wine Pouch, containing Michiu (Rice Wine)
  • Sauce Pouch, containing Chicken meat, ginger, and several Chinese medicinal herbs

    Just pour out everything inside the cup and add hot water, you can enjoy the perfect Sesame Oil Chicken Noodles instantly in 3 minutes!


    It’s Worth The Price!

    By providing Rice wine and real chicken meat, it is worth the price!


    Other Variants for Your Choice

    Available in Sesame Oil Chicken, Hua-Tiao Chiew Chicken, and Hua-Tiao Chiew Vegetable Beef flavor

    Also available in bag packaging!


    Cooking Instructions

    Instant Cup Noodles:
    1.Open the lid of the cup halfway, pour the Seasoning Powder and Seasoning Paste into the cup
    2.Pour 500cc boiling water into the cup and cover the lid for about 3 minutes
    3.For better taste, preheat the Sauce Pouch by putting the pouch bag into boiling water
    4.Open the lid, pour the Sauce Pouch and Michiu (Rice Wine) into the cup, stir and mix, and your Sesame Oil Chicken Noodles can be enjoyed immediately.

    Boiled Noodles:
    1.Boil 500cc water in a pot with stove, put noodle into the boiling water until cooked for about 3 minutes
    2.Pour the Seasoning Powder, Seasoning Paste, Sauce Pouch and Michiu (Rice Wine) into the pot, stir and mix to adjust the taste, and your Sesame Oil Chicken Noodles are ready to be served.



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