Also known as fragrant or jade oolong, Taiwan oolong tea is one of the best quality teas in Asia and among the world’s most distinctive and famous teas. Taiwan oolong tea is partially oxidized and yields a fragrant, golden brew. Bright and intensely aromatic with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste or finish, Taiwan oolong tea is made from leaves that are rolled into a tight, semi-ball shape. The flavor profile can range from a light, refreshing floral crispness to a smooth and buttery taste. These flavorful teas are mainly produced in the Songbo, Tungting, Mt. Ali (Alishan), Mt. Chinghsin dapan, jin hsuen, tsui yu, and sz ji chuan tea tree cultivars. Regardless of which cultivar Taiwan oolong tea is made from, it has a lovely natural flavor that reflects the beauty of the environment in which it is grown.

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