【NEW PRODUCTS just for your little ones!】

Considering the fragility and sensitivity of baby’s digestion, Ying Xuan has released new product in the market:PureYum Little Tummy, dedicated to provide the best pure natural and healthy foods for babies over 4 months to 36 months.

Made of 100% organic, exquisite and high quality ingredients to satisfy baby’s digestion without constipation, free of gluten to prevent allergies, and also Organic certified to ensure the product quality, making sure that your baby is purely getting all the natural goodness of organic foods! Enriched with zinc, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B1, and D, no added salt, sugar, flavor, pesticide residuals, preservatives, or other additives, it is totally safe for your little ones!

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Organic Baby Rice

Organic Baby Porridge with Vegetable

Organic Baby Porridge with Skim Milk

Organic Baby Porridge with Fruits