The latest food hype is all about buns dusted with powder, with cream or custard fillings, that would create powdery and creamy stains all over your mouth and even your face when you eat them ferociously. A messy face and hands gains no matter what gentle ways you eat these dirty breads. Have you ever joined in the dirty dirty craze fun?

To catch up this dirty bite trend, the well-known brands bakery made different funny versions of dirty breads. A colorful idea is to bite into a bun dusted with different flavor powder like Green Matcha powder/ White sugar powder/ Pink Strawberry powder. The matcha flavor, also called Hulk bread popular the most in this colorful dirty trend.

Matcha Dirty Bread contains drizzles of Matcha sauce and Matcha powder sprinkled on top. The bittersweet of cream and Matcha powder that carries the aroma of the tea smothered all over the top and even inside, which satisfies Matcha lovers so much.

Our Comfort tree quality Matcha powder is purely made of 100% Taiwan green tea leaves, free of additives, coloring or preservatives, which retain the pure and natural healthy taste and was bitter enough to cut the overall sweetness of the bread. If you wanna catch up this Hulk dirty craze just come find our organic Comfort Tree Matcha powder for sure.

Different size (48g & 100g) and convenient package suit for family purpose using and it is easy to carry and store with the resealable zipper bag and spoon inside.


Come and catch up this Hulk dirty craze with us.