Formosa Oolong, also known as White-tip and Oriental Beauty, is one of the most famous teas in the world. Genuine Formosa Oolong is produced only in Taiwan and is considered a national treasure. It is a unique and rare tea, harvested only during a two-week period between the end of June and early July each year. The top two tender heaves and white-tipped buds are selected for processing. The flavor of this tea is unusually aromatic, a quality that stirs the sensed immediately. About 70% oxidized, the bright amber brew has a lively taste that is non-astringent and deliciously fruity. Many western tea connoisseurs enjoy adding a dash of brandy to enhance its flavor. It is delicious hot and great for iced tea, too. Produced mainly in Hsinchu Omei, Beipu, Miaoli Sanwan, Toufen, Tao-Yuan Lungtang, and Taipei Shitin, most Formosa Oolong is made using the chingsin dapan tea tree cultivar.

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