Taiwanese Sausage with Sticky Rice

Taiwanese Sausage with Sticky Rice

  • Specification130 g*30 bags/box
  • Shelf Life12 months
  • Measurement48*22.5*20 cm
  • CategoryFrozen Food
  • Tagpork

Product Description

Taiwan Traditional Night Market Food

Essentially a Taiwanese hotdog, the “Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice ” is a juicy grilled Taiwanese pork sausage wrapped in the “large sausage” – made from glutinous rice and essentially serving as a hotdog bun. “Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice” is undoubtedly one of the most well-known delicacies in Taiwan night market which represents the soul food of Taiwanese. Its traditional and rich taste will bring back Taiwan’s nostalgic memories of heartwarming hometown.

In this coming winter, we will launched a new product- easy cook Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice which can buy in 7-Eleven in Hong Kong
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  • Selected Taiwan local farm raised meat with the special recipe for sausage.
  • Juicy grilled Taiwanese garlic sausage has a slightly sweet taste with a beautiful crisped skin.
  • Glutinous rice in pork casing with Authentic and nostalgic recipe with over 30 years’ experience for rice sausage.
  • The gluey texture and natural aroma of sticky rice sausage perfect matched with garlic sausage.
  • High level of modern production line and best quality control.

Now, everybody can prepare Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice anytime at home!
Are you ready? Let’s get started!
You can not only enjoy this night market food directly after microwave it or oven it. But also make it even nicer for the below cooking method:
1. Put both sticky rice sausage and garlic sausage into a pan or oven
2. Grilled it when the smell comes out
3. Cut a sticky rice sausage in a horizon line, do not cut down
4. Put garlic sausage in to a sticky rice sausage
5. Choose any flavors that you like: original, spicy, garlic, soy sauce.
6. Topped up with cucumber or salted vegetable or coriander.


MOQ: 500 cartons


Lead Time: 30-45 days

Packaging: Bag

Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen warning: This product contains soybeans and their products, grains, eggs, fish, milk, crustaceans, peanuts


  1. Unwrap the outside package
  2. Tear down a corner of the inside package, put it into the 7-ELEVEN microwave or oven to give it a warmth
  3. Cut the sausage filled with sticky rice and wrap the Taiwanese sausage
  4. Add sauces like soy sauce cream, and add raw garlic,Taiwan pickled cabbage, cucumber slices or corianderbased on your own taste to add extra texture.


Taiwanese Sausage with Sticky Rice

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