Iron Goddess Of Mercy

Iron Goddess Of Mercy

  • Specification(100 g*2 cans)*6 packs/box
  • Shelf Life24 months
  • Measurement36*28*19.2 cm
  • CategoryHot Products, Tea
  • TagTieguanyin

Product Description

Tie Guan Yin tea is a kind of Oolong Tea, which is the best in Oolong Tea, not only has unique fragrance and elegant rhyme, the water color turns red amber after brewing, with sweet and fruity aroma, even after many times of brewing, Tie Guan Yin tea still retains a full tea aroma, take a sip and let the tea aroma awaken our taste buds, moisturize the throat, and fell the good taste of sweetness.

canned Iron Goddess Of Mercy

Whether of making a good cup of tea for yourself in the morning to welcome a new day, or choose a good tea to entertain guests who are visiting your home, or use a cup of good tea to relax yourself in the busy daily life. Recommended for tea gourmets who love Tie Guan Yin tea, embellish everyday with good tea together.


Selected Ingredients

Iron Goddess Of Mercy fresh leaf Iron Goddess Of Mercy loose leaf

Strictly selected excellent quality of  Tie Guan Yin tea leaves, picking one-tip two leaf, with outdoor withering, after frying and kneading, wrap the tea leaves by using cloth, and knead into a ball, so that the shape of tea leaves is bent and tightly knotted. After repeated rubbing, then slowly baking over a low heat, to fully retain the strong tea aroma, and meet your picky taste buds, let every bite the ultimate enjoyment.

Insists on controlling the making process of Tie Guan Yin tea, each batch of tea is finely selected and excellent tea leaves, following the fine roasting method, to bring you a different taste bud experience.


Iron Goddess Of Mercy Cooking Advice

Iron Goddess Of Mercy

  1. Use boiling water to preheat the teapot, choose ceramic teapot for better taste
  2. Pour hot boiling water into teapot, rinse tea leaves and let it stretch slowly
  3. Cover for 3 mins, smell the light tea aroma and enjoy it
  4. Pour boiling water and brew it for 3-4 times, to enjoy different flavors

Iron Goddess Of Mercy Product Specification

Iron Goddess Of Mercy Tea is 150g/bottle, 12 bottles in each box. Recommended for tea gourmets who love to drink tea and pay attention to good tea, easily brew a sweet and authentic good tea. Please contact Ying Xuan Zhuang for pre-order. 

canned Iron Goddess Of Mercy、Oriental Beauty 、Wenshan Pouchong

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  1. Preheat the teapot with boiled water. Then pour the boiled water into the teapot to boil the tea. After that, put on the teapot lid for approx 3 minutes. Finally you can enjoy the tea.
  2. You can add boiled water 3 to 4 more times into the teapot to produce tea with different taste and texture.
  3. Porcelain teapot adds extra texture to the tea.

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