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  • Specification400 g*18 bags/box
  • Shelf Life12 months
  • Measurement59*33*27.5 cm
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Product Description

The Sun-Drying Method Makes Taiwan Handmade Ramen Special

Guanmiao Mian (Guanmiao Noodles) is a traditional specialty of Guanmiao District in the south of Tainan City, Taiwan. It is popular with the natural sun-drying method to preserve the noodle.

Made with only selected wheat flour, water, and salt, free of additives and preservatives

The dough is hand-pulled into thin and curly form, dried with natural sun-drying method

If you love curly noodles with super chewy texture, Taiwan Handmade Ramen are your prefect choice!

Taiwan Handmade Ramen Cooking Instructions:

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