Taiwan Traditional Sliced Noodles

Taiwan Traditional Sliced Noodles

Product Description

Dao xiao mian is one of the Five Chinese Traditional Noodles

Dao xiao mian is one of the Five Chinese Traditional Noodles, it is juxtaposed with well-known Beijing Fried Sauce Noodles and Sichuan Dandan Noodles, it is popular with people around the world who love pasta, and also one of the hottest products for Asian Food Wholesalers.

If you love wide noodles with smooth and chewy texture, Taiwan Traditional Sliced Noodles are your prefect choice!

Dao xiao mian is doubly chewy

The reason why it is popular , one of the most distinctive features is the “noodle making process”, traditionally, the dough is kneaded vigorously until it is evenly soft to ensure the strength of dough. Finally, a special tool is used to cut out wide and thin noodles with slight undulations on both sides.and Dao xiao mian(sliced noodles) has become famous overseas.

In addition to the unique appearance, when enjoying Dao xiao mian(sliced noodles), compared to general fine noodles or ramen, the taste of  Dao xiao mian sliced noodles is doubly chewy, not only the outer layer is smooth and non-sticky to the teeth, but also malt aroma in middle of the noodles which can be said to be more addictive and unable to stop enjoying it.

Selected Ingredients

FU Dao xiao mian control of the raw materials is best

The secret of delicious Dao xiao mian(sliced noodles) is not only to follow the traditional making process, but also because of the strict control of the “raw materials” that achieve the great taste.

The ingredients are natural and simple, without artificial additives and preservatives, only made of wheat flour, water and salt, with traditional way of sun drying method to retain its natural flavor and also natural wheat aroma, making a safe and delicious high quality Dao xiao mian.

Dao Xiao Mian Cooking Advice

Dao xiao mian are pliable and chewy, add to the boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes, then you may pick it up and enjoy.

In addition, because of its thick in middles and with thin edge , it is very conducive to sauce sticking, it is also recommended to cook together with sauce and soup which can make the texture and taste reach a higher level.

Product Specifications

FU Dao xiao mian

「FU Sliced Noodles」 Each bag for 400 grams, about 6 servings, total of 18 bags in a box, it is the most suitable and always your first choice whether it is used in family or for restaurant business usage!


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