Ponto Foods frozen shallots pie

Ponto Foods frozen shallots pie

  • Specification480g (4 pieces)*20 packs/carton
  • Shelf Life18 months
  • Measurement40*21*30 cm
  • CategoryFrozen Food
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Product Description

shallots pie are safe, healthy and delicious

Made with selected wheat flour and other healthy and safe ingredients, no MSG, no preservatives

Insist on using carefully selected fresh shallots from Taiwan

shallots pie is one of the delicious Xiangnong snacks in Taiwan.

Now, you can prepare it yourself at home!

Bake or fry, it’s up to you!

Minimum order quantity: 200 boxes

Shipping method: FCL

Lead time: 30 days

Packing: bagged

Professional Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen Warning: This product contains wheat.


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