Loquat Flavor Throat Drops

Loquat Flavor Throat Drops

  • Specification28.8g*24pack*6box/carton
  • Shelf Life24 months
  • Measurement60*35.5*17cm
  • CategoryTaiwan Candies
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Product Description

Cough, sore throat, hoarse voice, or bad breath on an important day is a BIG NO! Comfort Tree Throat Drops is here to save your day

Made of simple ingredients with the benefit of refreshing menthol and healthy loquat

Have one drop of Comfort Tree Loquat Flavor Throat Drops whenever you have the symptoms of throat problems

Each pack contains 8 pieces of throat drops (net weight 28.8g)

There are 24 packs within one displayable box to display them right at your commercial shelf

Minimum order quantity: 58 boxes

Shipping method: FCL; LCL

Lead time: 21-30 days

Packing: bagged

Professional Certification: HACCP; ISO

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