Lemon flavor fruity jelly

Lemon flavor fruity jelly

  • Specification105g*12*4 boxes/carton
  • Shelf Life12 months
  • Measurement36.4*19.6*21.2 cm
  • CategoryTaiwan Candies
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Product Description

Made with carefully selected lemons and simple ingredients, free of colorants and preservatives

Lemon is one of the main fruit products in Taiwan, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, improves skin health and aids weight loss

Packaged in a 9cm x 9cm x 3cm square box

Contains 105g of fruit jelly, suitable for one person

The box is equipped with a small and cute knife and a small spoon

Cut jelly into bite-sized pieces for easier enjoyment

Real pulp, the best satisfaction!



Must chew thoroughly before swallowing
Not recommended for children under 5 years old
Children and the elderly, please cut the jelly into small pieces before serving

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