TTL-Hua tiao chiew chicken instant noodles(cup)

TTL-Hua tiao chiew chicken instant noodles(cup)

Product Description

Taiwan’s most popular instant noodles with rice wine and sesame oil.

Each package contains: instant noodles, seasoning powder package, seasoning oil package, wine package (rice wine), conditioning package, chicken inside, ginger and several Chinese herbs.

Just pour in hot water and enjoy the perfect Hua Diao Chicken Noodles in 3 minutes!

Serving rice wine and real chicken, it’s worth the price!

Minimum order quantity: 200 boxes

Shipping method: FCL

Lead time: 30-45 days

Packaging: Bowl

Professional Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen Warning: This product contains grains, gluten, soy, nut products.


Instant Cup Noodles:

Tear off the lid of the bowl and pour the seasoning powder and sauce packet into the bowl
Pour 500cc of boiling water into the cup and cover for about 3 minutes
For better taste, preheat the package in boiling water
Then pour the sauce and rice wine buns into a bowl, stir to combine, and enjoy Huadiao Chicken Noodles.

To cook noodles:

Boil 500cc of water in a pot with the stove, put the noodles in the boiling water and cook for about 3 minutes
Pour the seasoning powder packet, seasoning packet, seasoning oil packet and wine packet into the pot, stir and mix well, then serve.

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