Garlic Cracker(152g)

Garlic Cracker(152g)

Product Description

Irresistible Crispy Taste to Satisfy Your Taste Bud

Made with simple ingredients that suits everybody’s taste bud, even for vegetarian. Only use the high quality garlic and the manufacturing process is hygienic and safe, in order to give you the best product.

Discover the irresistible garlicky crispy taste in every mini bites that will blow your mind! When you are eating, the aroma of garlic spread in your mouth. Garlicy taste mix with crispy crackers perfectly. Makes you one piece after another.

Eye-Catching Packaging Design

Each 152g bag comes with 4 small packs of 38g crispy crackers. It is convenient bag that you can easy to carry it. Great to keep around the office; in the classroom, at the reception desk, perfect portion to be shared with your loved ones. If you want enjoy alone? The small pack inside also is your best choice. Prefect size will not give you healthy burden

Fantastic packaging design which is created by professional designer and through the rigorous selection. It received warm welcome in the market. Most important of all, whole bag is full of English information label for our foreign customers. It is very suitable for international market.


Enjoy Sweet Mountain Garlic Biscuits anytime,
Such as travel, fishing or afternoon tea time.
According to your preference, it can be served with tea or coffee to make the taste even better.
They can also be crushed or ground into a powder and used in your favorite fried bread recipes.

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