Classic Taiwan Beer

Classic Taiwan Beer

Product Description

Taiwan Beer Wins Gold Award at International Monde Selection 2017

For decades, Taiwan Beer has been the best-selling beer in Taiwan and loved all over the world!

Every bite can taste the refreshing and smooth feeling of the upper layer, and the lower layer has a rich and thick wheat flavor

Classic Taiwanese beer with selected malts and hops, plus high-quality Penglai rice grown in Taiwan

Classic Taiwan Beer has an alcohol content of 4.5%, an undefeated classic taste, suitable for everyone’s taste buds

Classic Taiwanese beer is the perfect choice for your dinner no matter the occasion

Minimum order quantity: 200 boxes

Shipping method: FCL

Lead time: 30 days

Packaging: Canned

Professional Certification: HACCP; ISO

Allergen Warning: This product contains grains.

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